WANTED: Stories of times you've been faced with a difficult ethical decision and you feel you made the right (or wrong) call.

Replies here or email me at pollita @ php . net for anonymity.

All names will be anonymized in final presentation built around:

@pollita The ACM just adopted an updated Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct you might want to look at, too.

@pollita it's a small thing, but I still hate that I added the "SAR China" monikers and removed Tibet from our country dropdown. Also, that we at least enable censorship in China :/

@pollita I moderated our company's user forum, and had a particularly toxic user who insisted on expressing her disapproval of anyone not living by 1950s interpretations of Catholic morals. I wasn't supported well, so I struggled a lot in what to do with her. She was our most active user. I should have just banned her and called it a day, but I didn't want to discriminate against religious people. I'd step in when she crossed an obvious line, but I still view it as a time I failed as a mod.

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