I *should* probably reply to this, but like... it's got to be some weird kind of spam-oriented fake, right?

Like, nobody hits that close while still missing the mark, do they?

No, the PHP project isn't your hosting provider, dude.

Wow! JetBrains just became a github sponsor for me! Thanks guys!

Eeep. 8.0.0alpha1 release is literally next week. Already planning to do it "live" with three others watching. Should I record it and post an edited version afterwards (to remove the inevitable periods of waiting for builds/tests)?

PHP devs encountering Paamayim Nekudotayim for the first time: WHAAAA GOOGLING IS HARD!!!!

Me: If you're not here to learn, then what are you doing here?

25 years ago was created.
This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

It's still here. Happy birthday 🎂💙

Test run has been.... rough.
Getting there though.
Surprised nobody on the 7.3 or 7.4 branches sent PRs to make this work for them.

It occurs on a review that I may have implied that any (or all?) of the other three are somehow *not* trustworthy. Allow me to clarify that they are all capable apes* of integrity. Merely meant to suggest that the reader reflect on what they personally know of each.

* Apologies also for implying that Humans are a form of Monkey. We are of course, in the family of Great Apes, or Hominidae if you prefer.

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At the risk of being premature, there is a *possibility* that I'll be the veteran Release Manager for PHP 8.0 alongside one of three fine gentlemen. wiki.php.net/todo/php80

Not going to endorse anyone, as that'd be of questionable propriety, but if you have a vote, I encourage you to make your voice heard. A monkey could do this job, but make sure it's a monkey you can trust.

Man.... I am so conflicted about user-space operator overloading vote....

Aaaaaand PHP surprising me after 25 years.

Switch statements will let you use `case 42:` or `case 42;` (note colon vs semi-colon) interchangably.

Why? Because it's PHP.

Whelp. It's official. php[tek]2020 has been cancelled. My year is shaping up to be almost entirely travel free (not counting all that cross-country driving in January).

Me: Installing PHP on a raspberry Pi to do some light web scripting with.

Ubuntu: We have 7.2 available as a pre-built package.

Me (the actual release manager for the 7.2 branch): Eeewww, gross. That's ancient. I'll compile it myself k'thx.

Narrator: She didn't even need later versions.

Evidently @calevans has released the interview with @derickr and I at .

Have a listen! (Most of these podcasts sound better than this, I guess there were hardware issues that day)

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