A new submission for the bugs.php.net honor roll:

"""Dear PHP, you have a bug because Excel will execute arbitrary commands from a spreadsheet after the users has ignored all warnings that it might be dangerous.

Hahahahahahaha. No.

Platform.SH Deploy Friday starting in about half an hour. Join Gabriel Caruso and I along with Larry Garfield and Patrick Dawkins to talk about PHP and the upcoming 8.0 release.


Greater Toronto Area online event tonight. I'll be giving a very short presentation on what's new in PHP 8.0 and will stick around for a Q&A. Come join us!


After many months, my officially unofficial "ad" for @SunshinePHP is up on YouTube.
Sammy Powers graciously donated the 40 seconds of music it was desperately missing.



That does it. I'm personally embargoing the use of attributes in all my future projects.

Me trying to use composer with a `--disable-all` build of PHP.

Security email address submissions are getting existential.

language, rude people 

More from the "Stuff sent to security@ inbox files"

I like the detail of sending it from an improved incendiary device.

The answer to "Can we do X from internals like we can from userspace?" is often: "Yes", but even when it's "No", that no is ALWAYS followed by: "..., not officially. 😏"


"we're already in feature freeze induced RFC overload..."

Every year. Every. Freaking. Year.

**Looks through a window.

Well, now that's interesting...

When a Window closes, look for a door:


"""We are not, however, going to be supporting PHP for Windows in any capacity for version 8.0 and beyond."""

I *should* probably reply to this, but like... it's got to be some weird kind of spam-oriented fake, right?

Like, nobody hits that close while still missing the mark, do they?

No, the PHP project isn't your hosting provider, dude.

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