It's Tuesday morning. Who's got two thumbs, didn't sleep at all last night, and is about to roll PHP 7.1.22 ?


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PHP 8 has a roadmap (ish), so thinking about plans for PHP 9.
A 9 is just a rotated 6...
Maybe we can finally bring Unicode support.
Except rotated...

I'm callin' it. Right now:
ǝpoɔıu∩ :6 ԀHԀ

Some gorgeous thunder rolling through right now.
Not so much for the dog who's hiding in the basement and the cat who fucked off to nowhere shouting a whole lotta "NOPE".

Angela has taken to making butter from scratch. Today, she's produced a batch compounded with home grown Serrano peppers.

Trying to understand why some people seem really ticked off at @wilw and it all seems to stem from reactionary twitter. The mob simply decided that Wil was bad.

I won't claim to know him, but everything I've ever heard him say tells me he's not a dick. Certainly far less of a dick than I am.

So if y'all would kindly stop nut-punching the man long enough to hear his side and MAYBE consider that nobody owes you any explanations anyway, maybe we could get the fuck along.

Nust noticed spells 'Favourite' with a 'u'. Not sure how I feel about that.

Wandering through western Illinois with my girl and my pupper. Currently hanging at Grant's Park in Galena.

WANTED: Stories of times you've been faced with a difficult ethical decision and you feel you made the right (or wrong) call.

Replies here or email me at pollita @ php . net for anonymity.

All names will be anonymized in final presentation built around:

Going to be taking a week off the bird site all next week. Turn your attentions here for my meandering rants and get-off-my-lawnses.

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