Today's spam of the day goes to God's Plan for your Car.

The PHP-Documentation has moved to git!

What is the next goal now? Create the best documentation PHP has ever had!

SO. MUCH. HYPE. For this.

I know some of you are like "How hard is it to run svn2git?" It's not. It's everything else involved in the complex organism that is php-doc that made this a Herculean task.

Reading @heiglandreas' message about getting closer to getting PHPDocs off of SVN and I'm like...

Huh... Anyone know what's up with ?

I'm not really expecting a conference this year because the plague is still raging, but I went looking for something from last year's site and nothing seems to be up at all anymore.


And thus the floodgates open. Chinese and Spanish added since that previous toot, and three more pull requests for Italian, Turkish, and Dutch.

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Such is the power of Open Source that when launched in four languages (en, pt_BR, de, and ru), someone stepped up IMMEDIATELY to provide a French translation:

I was kinda worried that some bit of the website wasn't going to cope well with the new major version number (due to some quirks in our data structures), but it carried on like a champ.

PHP is really good at running really bad code really well.... even when that bad code is the website.

For those asking about the apron, it reads:

I only tell bad chemistry jokes because all the good ones...

Followed by an entry from the periodic table showing the chemical symbol 'Ar' and its various properties.

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Countdown to PHP 8.0.0 

Paste into URL bar:


Getting the Thanksgiving meal prepped for PHP 8.0.0 release day.

The new world of warcraft expansion drops the same day I'll be rolling 8.0.0 GA.

Sigh. Awesome.

Well, the world didn't *really* need a new PHP release, right?

A new submission for the honor roll:

"""Dear PHP, you have a bug because Excel will execute arbitrary commands from a spreadsheet after the users has ignored all warnings that it might be dangerous.

Hahahahahahaha. No.

Platform.SH Deploy Friday starting in about half an hour. Join Gabriel Caruso and I along with Larry Garfield and Patrick Dawkins to talk about PHP and the upcoming 8.0 release.

Greater Toronto Area online event tonight. I'll be giving a very short presentation on what's new in PHP 8.0 and will stick around for a Q&A. Come join us!

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