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Here's a tip for using the federated timeline!

If you see something you don't like or there are too many posts from a user or instance, you can click to view a user profile and choose to mute or block any user. Then, leave a note to remember why.

You can also block an entire domain.

Finally, if someone is violating our local code of conduct, you may report the account, and our moderators will decide how to handle it.

(Apologies to @ericmann for using his profile as an example.)

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Hang out with the PHP community on Discord, IRC, or Matrix.

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If you’re joining us, why not introduce yourself? Tag your toot with and pin it to your profile.

My history goes back to 2003, when Chris Shiflett launched the project. We wanted to provide a hub for the PHP community. We built up a great community on Freenode IRC (we’re in ). Nowadays, @ramsey manages the PHPC accounts & domains and is working to launch a non-profit for the PHP community.

More info here:

OK #PHP fediverse.
I might be slightly broken, but having learned #CPP in Uni and then having learned #modernCpp and loving it, I was wondering if the is a #ModernPHP equivalent and what good resources there are to upgrade my knowledge.
Or is it still the same as last i programmed PHP ( when Zend was the new hotness, that i never got started on ), but with more features?

After being favourite'ed a few times by @saramg and finding out that #PHP is alive and kicking, I feel like I want to try to get up to speed on writing modern PHP...
I was supposed to be on vacation dammit!

[see also: nerd sniped]

PHP 8.2 Feature Freeze in 1 week

On July 19 PHP 8.2 Feature Freeze will take place.
Well, tick tock, right?

PHP Released

✅ PHP 8.0.21, PHP 8.1.8 have been released.
✅ PHP 8.2.0 Alpha 3 available for testing 🎉

PHP 8.2 is right around the corner. What new features are you looking forward to the most?

They grow up so fast. It feels like just last week they arrived. Now they're heading out into the world, spreading PHP love. This particular herd of over 40 are destined overseas to various location throughout Europe. Safe travels.

Don't forget to join us tomorrow for a live stream. The panel will include,,,,,, @pollita, and The topic will be PHP User Groups

New PHPRoundtable will be live-streamed this Saturday, and it's shaping up to be our most exciting panel yet. We'll be talking about the state of PHP User Groups worldwide with some of the top UG Organizers. Mark your calendar and join us live.

If you have a feature you’d like considered for PHP 8.2 & you haven’t opened discussion on the RFC, you have until 23:59:59 on June 21st (today/tomorrow!) to open discussion. That will give the requisite time for discussion & voting before feature freeze.

Came back from a short vacation with the family just in time to welcome a new to the herd.
Thanks Fabian for the organization🥳

For a few weeks I'm busy adjusting a big code base to #PHP 8.1 and a new major version of an important package. It feels good to freshen up old code (and use promoted properties, for example).

It takes all my mental strength to keep my fingers off the architecture or improve the behavior along the way. But I know it would lead only to big trouble: with all the #refactoring I did in the past, I learned to follow the rules – don't change internal structure and external behavior at the same time!

Check out the new homepage “hero” design on, thanks to @lhs_azevedo!

🎉 PHP 8.2.0alpha1 is available for testing!

This is a very initial preview for PHP 8.2.

➕ Do: Test your projects!

➖ Don't: Run it in production. It's not fully ready yet.

🔗 See for what's new

📸 by @heiglandreas

📆 We have released PHP 7.4.30 and 8.1.7! (8.0.20 to follow later today)

🪲 ❗ This is a security and bug fix release.

🔗 See for more information

🆙 Please upgrade!

If you write #PHP along with #React, you can also get my React TDD book bundled with the PHP Testing and TDD book by @grmpyprogrammer !

Honored to be bundled with him as he is one of the people who helped me get my start in testing.

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