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Hang out with the PHP community on Discord, IRC, or Matrix.

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If you’re joining us, why not introduce yourself? Tag your toot with and pin it to your profile.

My history goes back to 2003, when Chris Shiflett launched the project. We wanted to provide a hub for the PHP community. We built up a great community on Freenode IRC (we’re in ). Nowadays, @ramsey manages the PHPC accounts & domains and is working to launch a non-profit for the PHP community.

More info here:

🎉 We just released PHP 8.1.1, 8.0.11, and 7.4.27!

🐞 This is a normal bug fix release.

💥 This is the last normal PHP 7.4 release. Future releases will only be made to address security issues.

⏭ The next releases will be on January 20th.

📸 by @heiglandreas

🥳 PHP 8.1 is released!

🔗 Read all about it at:

♻️ Migration Guide:

🐘 Many thanks to the contributors for everything they implemented, and the RMs to get this amazing new version released!

❓ What's your favourite new feature?

:php: PHP's website has a nice overview of the new features too:

Hang out with the PHP community on Discord, IRC, or Matrix.

🎉 Announcing: The PHP Foundation


ℹ️ More information at:

To date, there have been at least 835 PHP RFCs created on the PHP wiki. Not all of these have been brought to the mailing list for discussion or voting.

Hot tip 🔥

If you're passing an associative array around, consider converting it to an object. It'll better describe the domain, provide type checks (via constructor or properties assuming you're on PHP 7.4+), and potentially documentation if you add docblocks 😃

that moment you realize arrow functions are available in #php 7.4, not just 8+

The last beta release of 8.1.0 (Beta 3) is now available for testing. Check it out, and please help us test it. Submit bugs here:

The first release candidate is scheduled in two weeks for 2 Sep 2021.

Have you taken your seat at the PHP Roundtable?

IT'S BACK! After a nearly 3 year hiatus, PHP Roundtable returns!

Episode 82:

Dramatic Elephpant:

If I ran a kickstarter (or similar) campaign to create a .php top-level domain registrar (Filing fee is $185,000 and there's $25,000+ per year in additional costs, not to mention running the infra), would you contribute?

It's only 17 days till our last post for this year. We're still looking for contributors for this year's edition, so if you have something to share, please do get in touch.

For Cyber Monday, we’re offering PHP 8.0 for free! Go download it today!

All of PHP 7.2 and earlier are now EOL! These versions will no longer receive security updates or bug fixes. It’s time to upgrade!

Such is the power of Open Source that when launched in four languages (en, pt_BR, de, and ru), someone stepped up IMMEDIATELY to provide a French translation:

Note that PHP 7.2 is EOL in 3 days. After that, it will no longer receive security updates from the PHP project team. Upgrade now!

I might have published the @VonageDev PHP SDK v2.7.0 today with PHP 8 support.

Who am I kidding, I totally did.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I was kinda worried that some bit of the website wasn't going to cope well with the new major version number (due to some quirks in our data structures), but it carried on like a champ.

PHP is really good at running really bad code really well.... even when that bad code is the website.

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