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My history goes back to 2003, when Chris Shiflett launched the project. We wanted to provide a hub for the PHP community. We built up a great community on Freenode IRC (we’re in ). Nowadays, @ramsey manages the PHPC accounts & domains and is working to launch a non-profit for the PHP community.

More info here:

My eventual goal with pixelfed federation is to abstract the logic to a package that other laravel/symfony apps can use. #php #activityPub

I'm doing a #security-related hackathon at #phpworld. Would love to give away a few prizes.

Want to help? DM me suggestions.

Want to contribute? Leave a note. Will use 100% of funds for prizes.

So, I'm 2 episodes away from being all caught up on my podcasts binge.

Whew! Recs for what to listen to next? I have a lotta laundry to do... LOL

Hey #php Devs,
has anyone an Idea how to make unit tests against the PHP Libvirt Package? I want to create a wrapper for it.

It's Tuesday morning. Who's got two thumbs, didn't sleep at all last night, and is about to roll PHP 7.1.22 ?


There’s a cool site that’s helping you find people to follow on the . If you toot about , consider requesting to add yourself to this list:

And find people to follow, based on topic, here:

Start saving your loonies and toonies
for GrumpyConf 2019. 4 speakers TBD. CDN$900+HST for ticket that includes 3 nights Thur-Fri-Sat at the hotel. CDN$475+HST to just attend. Lunch and dinner Fri-Sat. March 22-23 2019. Elm Hurst Inn, Ingersoll, Ontario

I have 10+ years of development, helped bring UG to life in São Paulo, Brazil.

I believe in as a philosophy and in the as a vehicle to improve democracy. We can make the world a better place, one commit at a time.

Today’s has a theme:


Also, for you fans out there in the , @sethgoldstein has launched a Mastodon instance for WordPress enthusiasts. If you’re interested in joining their local instance, ask him or another member for an invitation. Check it out at

Let me know what PHP tooters you’re following across the Fediverse.

Have a great weekend!

If there’s any #Laravel developers out here, I’m writing a book about #deployment. Head over to to register your interest 😊#php #webdev

Hello PHP community!

I would like to know what framework you use to build your applications in php? And why? Zf, Symfony? What do you think abour Laravel?

PHP 8 has a roadmap (ish), so thinking about plans for PHP 9.
A 9 is just a rotated 6...
Maybe we can finally bring Unicode support.
Except rotated...

I'm callin' it. Right now:
ǝpoɔıu∩ :6 ԀHԀ

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