Released a new package to log IP address events and run attempts against a JSON ruleset to see if allowed. Got tired of a new hacked solution each time I need to limit attempts by IP.

Framework agnostic.

Update to light PHP templating class (with flexible caching)...

πŸ“ŒNEW one-line syntax for framework compatibility:

return $tpl->render('header', ['title' => 'Home']);

How do you handle End Of Life maintenance on delivered websites & projects? What if you are hosting them? Who pays for necessary upgrades on old websites? How long is your initial included support if you established it upfront?

I realized that Pinterest might be good for the bookmarks to all the good guides I find about various & topics. And like that hard to find post with the exact set of commands I needed..

But Pinterest.

Is there a Pinterest for techies?

7.2 and will not play nice on Ubuntu 16.04.

I am not a .

This is maddening.

Which laravel podcast is weighted more to learning vs just news??

Need a new one to start.

Back stuff up!

# Backup npm global packages:
npm list --global --parseable --depth=0 | sed '1d' | awk '{gsub(/\/.*\//,"",$1); print}' > packages.txt

# Re-install this list like so:
xargs npm install --global < packages.txt

IF YOU USE OPEN SOURCE STUFF in the course of your day-to-day, consider sending the maintainer a thank you note:

OSS can be really thankless, and this tiny note can make a world of difference.

So, I'm 2 episodes away from being all caught up on my podcasts binge.

Whew! Recs for what to listen to next? I have a lotta laundry to do... LOL

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