My first conference talk is this Friday for Symfony World Summer 2022. 😳

Pre-recorded (whew) with a live Q&A. So excited!

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💡This month in @phparch magazine.... Illuminating Smart Light Bulbs With .
By, me!!

Listen to the exciting topics in the June 2022 php[architect] magazine on the php[podcast]. Listen today and then read the full articles in the magazine. Podcast available in audio format on all major steam channels and Youtube. Subscribe today.

My kids are starting to recognise @shocm's voice. 🤣


❤️ these emojis.

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Editing a talk is harder than I thought it would be!

After 20+ takes & now stitching all the segments together.... I'm way over time. Gotta cut like crazy. Maybe speed up some sections of typing. Oof. 😅

Very excited to announce that I'll be giving a fun talk at SymfonyWorld Online this summer!

💡 Controlling Smart Light Bulbs With Symfony Console & PHP.

Finished the bulk of migrating my projects to 8.1. 👏

Just waiting on the ecosystem to catch up. And Dokuwiki.

Pretty pleased with this. Went much easier than 7.4 to 8.0, mainly because phpcs & php-cs-fixer cleaned up a lot last time. ☕

Here's a post-mortem of what we saw on #Fosstodon over Monday and Tuesday with the influx of new members from Twitter.

Thought you fine folks would be interested in something like this.

In the spirit of this platform needing some real 'content', and I suspect we could all use some cuteness today... here are my kids' guinea pigs. 😊

Tech content coming soon, once I stop choking on today's news.

Guess I better give this account some attention. 🤔🙃

In case you missed it:
Oscar (editor of PHP Architect Magazine) did a live stream of himself solving one of my Puzzles monthly column.


Keep your skills sharp by solving my monthly PHP Puzzles column in PHP Architect magazine. I try to keep them fun, interesting, informative & solvable!

How do you handle End Of Life maintenance on delivered websites & projects? What if you are hosting them? Who pays for necessary upgrades on old websites? How long is your initial included support if you established it upfront?

So I start freaking out that BitBucket seems to be down.
Ping it and no... it's my DNS filters flagging it into the 'virus propagation' category.

Released a new package to log IP address events and run attempts against a JSON ruleset to see if allowed. Got tired of a new hacked solution each time I need to limit attempts by IP.

Framework agnostic.

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