Hey @Vollmer I just read your post on Hugo (link below for other to check it out). Why not go back to WordPress? Seriously.

I know you want to keep your content on markdown format, but that’s easy to export fro, WP to Markdown (I’ve written about it) and you get to play with themes etc. and hopefully write more too.

It seems to me that using Hugo is a barrier to your writing; no blogging platform should ever be that IMO.


Here's a sneak-preview of a #GoToSocial feature I worked on tonight, proper handling of sensitive media (in pure css even!)

demo (second post): gts-dev.pixie.town/@f0x/status

or watch the video below

Usually, Mastodon only shows the first part (or "handle") of a Fediverse address in posts.

However, if there are two accounts with the same first part, Mastodon shows the accounts' full addresses including their server names.

This is deliberate, it's to avoid confusion when two different accounts with identical handles are being discussed in the same post.

For example the libre gardening organisation Open Source Gardens has a main account at @opensourcegardens@chaos.social and a video account at @opensourcegardens@tube.tchncs.de which both have the same handle. As you can see, Mastodon automatically displays their full Fediverse addresses.

#MastoTips #Mastodon

We could eliminate most fediverse spam with sms registration at the expense of early adopters who disproportionately despise it.

Do we sacrifice growth for "UX" or take advantage of established anti-spam measures?

This is the million dollar question for every #activityPub project. What do you think? #fediverse #spam

Our web UI could use some love after the mobile app is released.

How can we improve the webUI? What would you like to see or not see? Feedback appreciated! #pixelfed

At the end of this article, you will learn to create a simple content type with a text field and another content type with a paragraph field, which contains a set of fields. -@pignatellicom@twitter.com phpa.me/3bCe7dL

There is a "good news" category in @web3isgreat@twitter.com. The Tornado sanctions and the arrest of a Tornado Cash developer aren't in it.

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I've followed with interest the story of this guy when he started about a year ago. And I'm impressed by how much progress he has made. This is a good example of "own your own tech" taken to the next level.

When the pandemic started, Jared Maunch, just like everyone else, needed more broadband internet in order to move his activities online.

There was one problem though: Maunch lives in a rural community in Michigan with no broadband internet. After a lot of insistence, Comcast proposed that Maunch should pay them $50k in order to cover the cost of a cable laid from their nearest station to his house, while AT&T could only guarantee a 1.5 Mbps connection.

So he took things into his hands, he negotiated contracts with companies providing optical fiber and wires at scale, he laid off the cables himself, and he started his own ISP.

He's now selling 100 Mbps connections to his rural neighbours for $55 a month, and he's got hundreds of households already connected. Hundreds of people who, without him, would have never had access to broadband connections.

Of course not all the rural and under-serviced area are lucky enough to have an all-resourceful engineer who takes initiative to start his own ISP after the major connectivity gatekeepers dismissed the project as too expensive for them. But his success story should inspire other people to do the same. Starting an ISP, after all, is a matter of connecting network devices that in most of the cases already exist, and there's no reason why the industry should be a walled garden only inhabited by a couple of players.


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The EU has so far coordinated the delivery of 60,000 tonnes of life-saving assistance to 🇺🇦Ukraine via the #EUCivPro Mechanism.

The assistance includes 180 ambulances, 125 fire-fighting vehicles, 300 power generators, 35 heavy machinery vehicles, among others.


@nolan the article also mentions the #BlockProtocol which is quite interesting. Wondering if someone is using it now, and has experiences to share..


"Democratising dev" by Jeremy Keith adactio.com/journal/19356

"I’ve often said that my nightmare scenario for the World Wide Web would be for its fate to lie in the hands of an elite priesthood of programmers with computer science degrees."

@kev if you're into Markdown-based blogging you could consider take a look at #madblog git.platypush.tech/blacklight/.

It's a platform that I started a while ago (and it currently powers all three of my blogs) for some of the reasons you just outlined: existing blog platform either come loaded with heavy and useless JS, or they have a too spartan design and offer no way of creating new content outside of their UI (this includes WriteFreely, unfortunately). My need was as simple as "I want to write all of my articles in Markdown, just have some simple headers in the file to provide the metadata (article title, author, banner image...), let a piece or software serve that Markdown from that folder, and the output should be a blog that looks good and that already builds a nice index for the articles in the style of Medium, and it should directly generate an RSS feed ". Oh, and with native LaTeX support - but that's just a geek feature I wanted. Zero databases involved, zero JavaScript involved.

If your use-case falls along those lines, then you may give it a try too :) the only thing it doesn't have yet when compared to WriteFreely is Fediverse login/integration - but even in the case of WF the integration is still very basic.

security/construction perimeter around Notre Dame is wide enough that I wouldn't have missed much if I hadn't passed by here tbh

(I suppose that's not exactly a bad thing though)

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