PHP devs encountering Paamayim Nekudotayim for the first time: WHAAAA GOOGLING IS HARD!!!!

Me: If you're not here to learn, then what are you doing here?

Our next virtual meetup is scheduled for the 25th of June. Main topics are 6 & architecture. Sign up here:

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XING constantly for the last few weeks tells me that there are great opportunities at a company in Manheim called ....

Do they know more than I do?

2018 was a year where I got asked for help more than usual by the community.

It was also a year where I got more support from the community than any company budget I know would cover. This especially goes for

To all of you: Thank you for your confidence in me. 💙

Die wurde Bestandteil meines Abendessens. Die Tasse gesellte sich zur Tasse dazu.

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Goodbye Thank you all for an amazing 14 years.

And now off to new adventures.

I'm looking forward to joining the in October!

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