Episode 58: Eric and John talk to Joseph Maxwell, from Swiftotter, about ecommerce, debugging, and his article in the June 2021 issue, Debug, Rinse, Repeat.


Vendor lock-in in open source is real. Matthias Noback has a great thread about it on the birdsite: twitter.com/matthiasnoback/sta

The stuff Matthias speaks about have been a great source of frustration for me. I love working with Symfony and Laravel, but their choices often baffle me. They seem to want vendor lock-in, for their open source software :(

Daniel’s weekly report June 23, 2022
national holiday, websockets, release (oops)

In einer Woche ist wieder Meetup. Endlich mal wieder vor Ort in Hockenheim. Danke @kellerkinderDE@twitter.com fürs Sponsoren der Location! ow.ly/BYV650JmJrC

How can a "zero-dependency PHP code style fixer" be built on top of php-cs-fixer? Isn't that a dependency then? Or do they count differently in land?

Am 30.06 haben wir den @heiglandreas@twitter.com beim Meetup zu Gast. Er wird uns alles über .phar Archive und deren Verteilungsmöglichkeiten erzählen. Interessant? Dann anmelden und vorbeikommen ow.ly/49bp50JmJFc

We'll be taking questions on Twitter, just make sure you mention @phproundtable@twitter.com. You'll also be able to chat with us like via Youtube chat or by jumping into the PHPRoundtable Discord. discord.gg/wmD3sGnMMe

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Daniel’s weekly report June 17, 2022
websockets, REUSE, analysis, URLs, podcasts

Doch kein so guter Tag. Aktuell +30 für meinen Zug :(

RT @OndrejMirtes@twitter.com

Should phpstan-strict-rules with bleedingEdge enabled now (and for everyone else in 2.0) disallow loose comparisons like == and != in favour of strict comparisons like === and !== ?

🐦🔗: twitter.com/OndrejMirtes/statu

In 2 Wochen findet unser nächstes Meetup statt. Dieses mal vor Ort bei @kellerkinderDE@twitter.com in Hockenheim. Wer ist dabei? ow.ly/pt8r50JmJvF

My migraine is killing me. Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow. Traveling with migraine would suck big time...

I am looking for full-time developers to grow my team @bitExpert@twitter.com. If you want to know more, ping me bit.ly/39rLdvU

Nach längerer Pause wird es endlich wieder ein #Drupal Camp in Deutschland geben: das DrupalCamping in Wolfsburg, Ende August.
Tickets sind ab Juli erhältlich, alle Infos dazu:

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