It's not a PHP project, but I recently published a new website for Age of Aincrad, a work-in-progress MMO:

Appealing Unicode to add support for the letter i with a little heart instead of a dot at the top.

I am so grateful for the open source community and want to contribute to more projects!

I have previously opened some PRs over at and

(Love those tools!)

Personally, I love that interfaces can declare abstract static functions in PHP!

From a talk I gave back in 2008. Still true today. We as "computer professionals" have to remember that our focus should be enabling users, not writing code.

We exist to help others do great things.

One thing I hate about germany is the technological regression. You cant even pay with a credit card/mobile phone everywhere, 'cause "the fees are too expensive that way!"

Any control panels like VestaCP you can recommend?

I'm not a senior developer and am still learning new things. Design patterns for example.

Man there are some crazy clever design patterns out there.

Honestly, PHP 8.1 fibers are cool and all, but I don't have a use case for them...

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