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I'm really proud of how my "Cool Tools for PHP Development" talk has been shaping up. I've presented it 4 times this month, and the last time presenting to @phpugmrn was the best so far. Sadly, no recording of that one, and much of it is live coding.


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I found a way to set my ZSH_THEME differently in PHPStorm than in the terminal (because I run the IDE in light mode, like a monster, but the terminal in dark mode as intended)

In .zshrc:
if [[ -z "$ZSH_THEME" ]]; then

Then in PHPStorm, I can specify a ZSH_THEME environment key to set the theme I want.

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@ellotheth WHEW! Worried me for a second. :)

FYI; That was contributed by JetBrains (original contribution and all translations).

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Ok #PHP8 is released and that's great and all but can we deal with the 🔥 that is this official announcement page? 🤩


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📢 It's here!
👉 php.net/releases/8.0/en.php

Big thanks to everyone working on this release! 💪

Ah, never mind, turning the webserver off and on worked...

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How did I get Xdebug 3 / Docker running for CLI before HTTP? 🤦‍♂️

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