My neighbour and I are currently sitting on his driveway, drinking a beer, and complaining about how loud the basketball net is when someone misses across the street.

We might be old.

Scare a dev in 5 words or less.

New rule: no open source.

According to my wife when I’m drunk I get sassy and frisky.

Apparently the first one isn’t really conducive to the second.

I’m not at all sure why poking holes in your lawn, and making it look like geese pooped everywhere is “good”... but at least we’ve got free labour for it.

Our four year old loves Lumberjanes, which has been a really easy way of like reading about adventures undertaken by folks who aren't exclusively cishet & caucasian.

Also: they need more merchandising.

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Now that I have kids let me say: the dumbest thing I've ever heard from people arguing against gay rights is: "how will I explain it to my kids". It's really fucking easy. It took literal seconds.

My four year old understands pronouns. Today I said something like "I don't know if it's a he or a she" and he came back with "or a they!". Easy.

You know what's hard? Homophobia and racism. Also what "tomorrow" means, that took months.

Mechanical keyboard heavy enough to use in home defence is worth nerd street cred right?

I need to keep my cred up because an increasing percentage of folks aren’t impressed by how low my slashdot user id is!

@saramg We're getting this weird PHP error, where I don't think we should be. Any chance you'd be willing to offer some advice?

Base Case:

The weird thing about owning a big dog is their bladder. We let out dog out In the morning, and she usually just sits on the deck. She won’t actually pee for another hour or two.

At night she usually does the same thing before bed.

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