Avengers Endgame Spoilers 

I did LOVE ❤️ Captain America's big scene. Where he's on the ground, Thanos just pounding his ass hard, his shield broken, alone. He gets back up. He's that skinny kid facing down a bigger, stronger enemy, who can't win; because that's what you do with bullies. You don't run away, because you'll be running for the rest of your life. Really well realized character arc.

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I am incredibly impressed with the Thomas the Tank Engine set Alexander got for bus birthday. It’s plastic track rather than the classic wooden stuff, but! It includes adapter pieces!

I have reached that delightful part of food poising recovery where I both have a lot of gas, and am deathly afraid of trusting a toot I shouldn’t have.

I hate it when tv shows or movies use “present day” and absolute time references. Every year those points get further apart.

I’m unwell and home alone with the kiddo and the puppy. Please send drugs and dog walkers ASAP.

Also: someone need to fire the safety team on the Sodor Railway (Thomas the tank engine)

Tonight's pull request: Editing the template for a "hey devs! there's a problem" email to add a link to the document describing how to fix it.

There needs to be some sort of secret internet code to use in internet dealings that says “I will actually show up when i said I would with the amount we agreed upon, and you won’t hand me a bag of kids toys that reek of cat piss”

My cat thinks i should come home sick every time I travel. A few days of bed rest and snugs can help make up for my absence.

recruiting testers and tech writers 

My company is hunting for authors to write about QA/test automation. If you're a test engineer who likes to write, or a tech writer who likes to test, we will give you dollars! wonderproxy.com/blog/looking-f

#nt #testing #qa #automation

Scones: easier to make than I thought! Like 40 minutes from “I should bake something” to table. Plus a little rose sugar on top!

Alexander really wanted a broom. We got him a short one in hopes that he would knock less off shelves!

Hey, @preinheimer convinced me to join. I have no idea how to use this because PHP Developer Community seems like a triple oxymoron to me.

ObTCFC: Fuck!

Whenever @ellotheth comes to me with a problem, I offer to solve it by adding a new column to a table in our database, or by turning an existing column into a bitwise field…

She doesn’t come to me with problems much anymore.

I think it would be interesting to plot reviews (3 stars, 5 stars, etc) on one axis, with an automated writing assessment on the other.

Look for: "Great spellers rate this place 2 stars, poor spellers give it 5". See if there's any trends.

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