Trying to understand why some people seem really ticked off at @wilw and it all seems to stem from reactionary twitter. The mob simply decided that Wil was bad.

I won't claim to know him, but everything I've ever heard him say tells me he's not a dick. Certainly far less of a dick than I am.

So if y'all would kindly stop nut-punching the man long enough to hear his side and MAYBE consider that nobody owes you any explanations anyway, maybe we could get the fuck along.

@pollita @wilw I never got it myself, Wil has always seemed like a very nice guy. I'm just not sure how they thought all these awful things about him. There is a group of people who feel the court of opinion is more then enough to attack and harass someone, whether the facts are known or not.

@saltorito @wilw Well, "nice guys" sometimes turn out to be raging dicks, so I'm not going to position myself to die on a hill over this, it just seems like there's no real evidence, only wildly specious conjecture. "Oh! He blocked me and some people I follow, HE MUST HATE TRANS WOMEN!!!" "Oh, my tweet got reported. IT MUST HAVE BEEN THAT WHEATON KID!!!"

@pollita @wilw Yes, I agree with you entirely here. He should have been presumed innocent in the absence of evidence.

All I can really add is that any time I've seen him talk or read something he wrote, the accusations against him seem wildly out of character.

@pollita @wilw Has anyone made this joke yet? “He was hoisted by his own Picard!”

@pollita Maybe you know the story, but in case not, I just recently learned it. He subscribed to a Twitter blocklist for GamerGate accounts, and the maintainer of that blocklist started blocking accounts of trans people. Many people ended up blocking them without knowing, and Wil got accused of being a terf and has been unable to escape that. That’s what got him pushed out of the Fediverse.

@ramsey Nah, I know that cause I went and read the last of his timeline. What I can't understand is why so many people didn't bother doing that much. His actual behavior speaks much louder than a bit of secondary "evidence" which amounts to little more than jumping to conclusions.

Also, we're talking about events on Twitter. People FOLLOWED HIM HERE. That's just sick.

@pollita Here's a good read on that:

It's not that Wil is particularly /bad/, at least maybe not as a person, but his actions have been harmful to a significant amount of people. "I don't hate you" is small recourse when you've lost your livelihood due to someone's (even if ignorant) actions.

@trwnh The blocklist was a perfectly reasonable thing to do during a time when GG was on the warpath (I never used them, but I'm not a high profile user). As to the claim of reporting over a prank, sorry but that smells like bitter bullshit to me. Not saying it can't all be true, I don't know wil enough to be his defender, but none of it smells legit. None of it carries plausibility.

Regardless, thanks for the "other side" read.

@pollita @wilw I think Tim Pool sums it up pretty well. He played politics and he did it wrong.

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@pollita @wilw you mean.. people on the internet step back and listen?!

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