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check your sql queries like a boss. resultset type inference included.

next level static analysis - using the extension for @phpstan@twitter.com

Supports @doctrineproject@twitter.com DBAL, PDO, mysqli with MySQL/MariaDB and @PostgreSQL@twitter.com.


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PHPStan/Larastan crew at @phpday@twitter.com! @can__vural@twitter.com @enunomaduro@twitter.com

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“Why does PHPStan keep bothering me about literal-string? I have no idea why it’s not happy with my code.”

“You’ve got SQL injection there, man.”


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FR: 💖 On est fier de sponsoriser pour l'aide au quotidien qu'il apporte à notre équipe.

EN: 💖 Proud to sponsor for the help provided every day to our team.

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