"Adding New Content Types to Sculpin" whateverthing.com/blog/2019/02

In this post, I use Sculpin 3.0-RC1's new "content:create" command to add a dedicated section for Short Stories to my blog. I'm calling the new feature "Tales from the Whateverthing".

PHP question: Why can't traits have constants?

I wrote a service class that accepts an integer ID and returns an entity (basically an entity repository). But I'm torn on how it should behave if the provided ID is invalid - e.g., a string. Should it throw an exception? Should it return null? Should it use type hinting to enforce the contract & force the controller to sort it out? Yeah, probably that one. Erph.

Ah, solved (but still worrying): the website mistakenly tried to load a resource from localhost. That makes sense, since I had a server running on port 80.

Had. 😰

... I swear I just visited a website and it triggered xdebug in phpstorm. That's ... uh ... not good. For several reasons.

Although now I'm seeing some coverage gaps - like I'm not sure how to handle the ->error() stuff. Perhaps with middleware.

Wrote this Silex to Slim quick port guide almost a year ago and, sure enough, it's coming in handy again. :)


Heh. There's a PR on the mastodon project for supporting code blocks in the Formatter:

// you know, like this
$myVariable = 'why is it still in PR?';

... and it seems to be languishing. Tempted to poke it, but I find working with Ruby a bit quarrelsome.


PHP question: It looks like it's possible to "use", and therefore alias, a namespaced constant. Is there any way to do the same thing with a namespaced class constant?

Every time I hear about the "jamf" tool for corporate device management. Every time.

I live near two harbours, so I occasionally get to hear boat toots. Today is such a day. Toot. Toot.

Oh, and because python on macOS is a hot mess, I had to create a custom SSL context that disabled peer verification. What is this, 2009?

Wrote a short python script for a friend this evening. Python 3, of course. It makes multiple API requests and merges the results into a single list, then outputs as JSON. Good way to practice with a language I'm not fully proficient in.

I deactivated my Instagram and Facebook. Haven't deleted them, yet, but it's a start.

Hi, yes, hi. I just spent an hour trying to figure out why cURL was giving me zero data back despite CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER being set to true.

Well, guess what?

CURLOPT_NOBODY was ALSO set to true.

I should've just pulled in a library. Unfortunately, I don't think any libraries offer the other functionality I need for this hobby project.

Last night: Successfully patching a Roku app (at least enough to start a PR).

Tonight: Maybe finishing up the details necessary to try launching Sculpin 3. I kind of think I've been procrastinating on it in order to avoid embarrassing myself (or, worse, breaking people's sites).

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