I see no reason why LCARS wouldn't be fully backed by (an evolved version of) SQL.

Spring is finally here, as proven by this photo I snapped while sitting at my desk today:


Hmm, soon I need to delve back into the dark world of cpanel and wordpress to find out if I can spin up a wordpress site in some kind of staging/hidden mode while design work is occurring and then swap over to the finished version after...

Or, if I can easily migrate a self hosted WP site into a Cpanel-hosted one.

Extremely valid point from @syntaxseed twitter.com/syntaxseed/status/

... I should be using my whateverthing.com domain for whatever thing I'm working on. 😂

First real ride on my new ebike today. So far, seems like it was a good purchase :)

Me: "Good morning!"
My oldest son: "Okay."

"I like it when it rains because it makes it cozy inside." -- my youngest son

Is "buying Twitter to add an edit button" the ultimate vindication of the paid support / feature request bounty model for projects?

Annoying: getting tagged in spam comments on social media platforms

Gorgeous: getting tagged in a spam comment on a social media platform I work for. 💥 💥 💥 , get yer butt outta here.

Can code be haunted?

I think so, yes, in a way. It echoes the thinking patterns of the developers who contributed to it, so it's like a tiny little preserved glimpse into their minds that might outlive them.

This is doubly true for code based on machine learning models, especially if their purpose is to emulate a single person's corpus of work. Whether the model is producing code, or art, or prose, or whatnot ... it is an afterimage of the person who was. The glimmer of a ghost in the machine.

The most annoying question to ask myself is "what do *I* want?".

Like, I'm considering an ebike. I've settled on a workable option. Do I want it in red, or blue?

The truth is, I like both. I want both. Whichever one I get, won't be the other one, so there might be remorse over that.


The second year is when the real innovation would kick in, of course.

My entry would be ... a microwave.

But instead of making food hotter, it would make food hotter.


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If I were a supervillain, my contribution to the first annual villainy competition would be ... a microwave.

Just a normal microwave.

It would taunt the users, the way only a microwave can, with irregularly-superheated foodstuffs.


If you shunt your tweets from Twitter to Mastodon, and then tweet + quickly delete something ... does it need to be deleted separately (manually) on Mastodon?

Not that I'm planning to configure that for myself (too much clutter). Just wondering if it's a thing people should keep an eye on.

Conversation that just popped into my head for no reason:

"Wow, those cargo shorts are really ... something."

"Thanks, they've got pockets!"

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A tale of a trailing dot daniel.haxx.se/blog/2022/05/12 - how allowing a dot lead to two curl security vulnerabilities - and more.

Did I tell you trailing dots are evil?

Rent-to-own is just "Sunk Costs Fallacy: The Business Plan", isn't it?

People just *love* to die on weird hills, but what goes into picking the right one? In today's video, I'll list the top 5 criteria for picking the right hill to die on ...

No, not really. But I do want to get back into making YouTube videos. My last one that got a decent amount of views was from a year ago.


does carhartt make loungewear send toot

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