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Don't forget to join us tomorrow for a live stream. The panel will include @heiglandreas, @rdohms, @rskuipers, @bobbloom, @cspruck. @joepferguson, @ramsey, @pollita, and @shocm. The topic will be PHP User Groups youtu.be/I9aDTqwhG6g

I've made a terrible mistake and now IBM docs are top search results for things...

🆕 We have selected the new release managers for PHP 8.2!

➡️ @adoyy@twitter.com (Pierrick Charron)
➡️ @sergey (Sergey Panteleev)

👴 The mentor (grandpa ;-)) RM is @ramsey (Ben Ramsey).

🥳 Congrats, and good luck!

Gratuitous use of custom emoji 

Hey! We have some custom emojis here. You can use them.

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It's been awhile but we have people back at the table again. Hoping to be more of a regular thing schedule now. This month I am joined by Sara Golemon (@pollita), @JoePFerguson@twitter.com, and @ramsey@twitter.com and we talk about the current state of PHP.


Everyone, give @phparch a warm welcome to phpc.social and the Fediverse!

WSL provides a new way to develop PHP applications on Windows while using native Linux binaries and tooling. This book gets you started installing Ubuntu as a WSL distribution with PHP, NGINX, and MySQL. phparch.com/books/php-developm

If you liked the web better in the 1990s, the fediverse is the place for you!

Hate React all you want. You gotta give it props 😄

I'll be here all week.

What's the best way to get started w/ + for someone who hates every JS Framework except ? 👴 👴 👴 👴 👴 👴

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