(Some app you use all the time) is not optimized for macOS.

What would you like me to do about it, Apple?

It was a great day at WDS. It turns out I did some client work in the morning, so I wound up adding some features and updating the documentation for OOPS-WP, our open-source library of abstract classes, interfaces, and traits for WordPress. github.com/webdevstudios/oops-. Version 0.2.0 will be released soon.

Today's our 5 for the Future day at WebDevStudios. I'm working on a number of different projects - OOPS-WP (github.com/webdevstudios/oops-), an internal framework to support migrations into WordPress, and a new plugin and companion iOS app called Into the Void to let me "tweet"/microblog on my website. Fun stuff!

The second-most liberating thing to deleting one's Twitter account is deleting a half-dozen or more inactive Slack accounts.

Soon I’ll be doing a second app tutorial, and I’m hoping by that time I’ll know enough to work on the app that I’m learning all these skills for - a dumb lil’ client to post toot-like content to my own website.

I spent the weekend going through some beginner iOS development tutorials and left feeling pretty excited about some broadened horizons. I made my first app! It’s the same first app everyone who’s done the tutorial has made, but it’s on my phone and I can show it to people!

@jmichaelward Chad Popple was hugely inspirational to me as a drummer. Listening to these albums makes me want to play again.

Today’s a drift back to ‘90s Skin Graft bands and their myriad subsequent spinoffs. Colossamite still the king of ‘em all for me.

So far dev-life post Twitter looks like working on a project to replicate a personal Twitter feed without the social piece by way of a WordPress plugin. Practicing extending the REST API, registering private post types, and handling third-party authentication.

Current status: figuring out what dev life looks like post-Twitter. I don't know that this is it, but so far it has been open Slack, Discord, IRC, Reddit, and Mastodon while I work on personal projects on a Saturday.

Checking in on the Fediverse. How YOU doin'?

I’ve been a neglectful citizen of the Fediverse, but I’m here to tell you that I’ve got 11 days off starting Saturday and it’s going to be everything I need.

Spending my morning relearning how to play Mage Knight and dreaming about the future.

I was eyeing this weekend’s low temps as week and I’m SOOO grateful that the folks in charge of turning on the heat in my building were too.

Attn: Anyone who knows folks from Telltale in search of work, we're hiring here at High Moon. Please reach out if you see something you like. Let's get folks back on their feet quick.



My super power is ordering the thing on the menu that they’re out of.

Tomorrow, I’m checking out Wellworth, the new co-working space in DT St. Paul that’s in the old Woolworth’s building, for one of their series of free co-working events.

Really struggling with putting together this lunch and learn presentation for Friday and I'm not sure why. The concept is easy. I think it's my mentally trying to stretch it out to an hour that's becoming a blocker.

The primary difference between "don't @ me" and the "change my mind" guy is that the latter wants to waste your time and energy to achieve the same result.

Good morning, PHPC, and happy Friday! I'm hoping for a fun and productive day full of interesting (and accomplishable) challenges, not just for me, but for you all.

It's September and, at least in the Twin Cities, the sun is out. Let's do this!

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