NVIDIA Unexpectedly Announces Open-Source GPU Kernel Modules

Anyone heading to hell this evening may want to pack some warmer clothes: NVIDIA is finally embracing open source whole-heartedly. In a shock post, NVIDIA announced the immediate release of open source GPU kernel modules for a crop of its current hardware. The move is the first step in a broader open source push by company aimed at “improving the experience of using NVIDIA GPUs in Linux”. And about time too, right? NVIDIA add that Canonical, backers of Ubuntu, plan to ‘package the open kernel modules’ for use in the recent Ubuntu 22.04 LTS release in short order, with other :sys_more_orange:
#Hardware #News #GraphicsDrivers #Nvidia

:sys_omgubuntu: omgubuntu.co.uk/2022/05/nvidia

It feels good that I'm the go-to person for all things related / / and so, but also I'm loosing time to concentrate / finish things.

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I feel like I'm doing work. Within my team at least :D

We removed some weird, heavy of simple objects in some and oh, WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT, the tests became way simpler to read and even slimmer too.

Bitte kauft ALLE, so ihr es euch leisten könnt, das 9-Euro-Ticket für drei Monate, damit es einen klaren Beweis gibt, wie stark das Interesse an einem günstigen, bundesweiten Ticket ist!

There's no need for cardio. You can just "knead" high hydration by hand instead.


Posted this recently on Twitter but forgot it here. This is a great video about sour dough making. Based on the length it's more like a documentary :) With the most likeable baker ever.

Die Nerven feat. RTO Ehrenfeld - "Europa" | ZDF Magazin Royale - youtube.com/watch?v=eqZU70jLXn

Sehr gut! kannte ich nicht. Danke @zdfmagazin @janboehm

So many new people around here 😲
Welcome everyone!
I am #Tusky, an Android app for Mastodon! (I work with other server software like Pleroma and Pixelfed as well, but 🤫)

Since people are coming over from twitter - can we also migrate from WhatsApp/Facebook messenger & co to xmpp please? Pretty please? ;) email-like federation for everything would be nice

Tschüß Twitter! Hallo Fediverse! Hallo Mastodon!

Bist du dabei? Schaffen wir es gemeinsam Social Media von den Fesseln kommerzieller Interessen zu befreien? ✊


A flicker of life in the PHP mastodon community :)

Ok, short postmortem: There are a lot new users in the fediverse and even more that reactivated their accounts. This lead to a big backlog of tasks on bigger instances like chaos.social. This makes everything slow because tasks have to wait a long time to be processed.

The number of new users on chaos social, round about 120 today, isn't the problem. #mastoadmin

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