There are times where I wonder if the best thing for my career would’ve been becoming Laravel’s testing person. There was a brief window where I contemplated it but then Adam Watham executed on it perfectly and I started arguing with the core Laravel people because I am a man of OPINIONS and sealed my fate

I am looking for full-time developers to grow my team If you want to know more, ping me

Putting this out here first — I am looking to pick up 10-15 hours A week of consulting work. People on here know my skills, hit me up if you want to talk

If you write #PHP along with #React, you can also get my React TDD book bundled with the PHP Testing and TDD book by @grmpyprogrammer !

Honored to be bundled with him as he is one of the people who helped me get my start in testing.

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Having gout means the after-party for conferences means no more junk and certainly no more beer :(

I have been thinking about what my next test-centric project might be…and coming up with nothing. Has it really come to this? Did I inspire enough people that I don’t need to shout as much?

Can’t wait for the Ontario election in 3 weeks to result in Doug Ford winning again because there is no effective political opposition, just career politicians looking to keep whatever power and privilege they have.

the only true correct pronunciation of ‘sql’ is ‘squeal’.

I hope Carmen Hartjes is enjoying the brand new Lexus NX 200 she just bought that I got an email survey for. Not the first time Carmen has used my email

I was discussing with my wife how nuts and unhinged things on social media appear to be outside my little bubble of tech shitposting, political commentary, and the occasional Magic post. So much rage, so much disinformation, so many people just making shit up. I have a friend who does race-related stuff and the rage and misinformation directed at them is intense

GrumpyConf still bugs me. I think it is such a good format and idea and are mad I couldn’t figure out how to market it properly. Failing to make it happen a 2nd time is my greatest professional failure

remembering a guy i used to work with who said “foreign names” were “hard to pronounce” and he was literally called “sean”.

New test design pattern:

* Arrange
* Act
* Abandon hope because you wrote it to only be testable in a production environment

And as a Mastodon-only deal, I will sell you a signed paper copy of my latest book for US$40 including shipping anywhere in the world.

Oh, you thought I wouldn’t shill my books here too? Learn to test PHP code ->, learn how static code analysis, code linting, and mutation testing can help ->

@ghorwood Excited to see my favourite tech shitposter is roaming around here

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