For the few folks on here following me, ask me anything over the next few days.

Do you learn better by watching videos of programmers? Want to learn how to test your PHP code? Want to keep the videos forever afterwards? My course will help

So maybe this GrumpyConf is going to be the last one. I haven’t even sold more tickets than speakers so far :( Pretty disappointing and (if I am being honest) confirms my feelings that a lot of people didn’t give a shit I helped run TrueNorthPHP and did lots of other stuff for the PHP community.

Tickets for the best PHP-centric personal development conference you can attend are now on sale - is one of those people that if he is at a conference simply reading the phone book to the audience, I'll sit and listen because he WILL find nuggets of value to share with his audience. Follow his blog.
RT This is a blog worth following:



Happy to announce the speakers for GrumpyConf2019:

Gemma Anible
Elizabeth Marie Smith
Mark Story
Marco Pivetta

For those wondering about the event, you can check out the page for the 2018 event at

Tickets will be:

* CDN$999 for conf + 3 nights hotel + 2 lunches + 2 dinners
* CDN$475 for conf

I fund this event via ticket sales and out of my own pocket via Grumpy Learning

Wondering what sort of work would be involved in moving something like OpenCFP to trunk-based development but using feature flags

Slim 3.11.0 is out!

All bug fixes as you'd expect by this point in Slim 3's development cycle as we're a micro framework so not all about adding new features.

Work on Slim 4 is progressing too - I've been working through the issues list so that it reflects that current state of where we're at.

Good stuff done this weekend!

This is curated event (no call for papers) focussing on high performance PHP and high performance personal skills

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Start saving your loonies and toonies
for GrumpyConf 2019. 4 speakers TBD. CDN$900+HST for ticket that includes 3 nights Thur-Fri-Sat at the hotel. CDN$475+HST to just attend. Lunch and dinner Fri-Sat. March 22-23 2019. Elm Hurst Inn, Ingersoll, Ontario

Recorded two more videos today for my upcoming “Learn To Test Like A Grumpy Programmer” course. Once it’s ready, those of you following me here will get an exclusive coupon code to save 25% off the course when it launches.

mysterious door opening when nobody's around:

ghost or cat?

fave for ghost
boost for cat

Wil Wheaton (who I have no problems with) getting kicked off a Fediverse instance by its admins is exactly how a federated version of Twitter is supposed to work.

I have started recording videos for my “Learn To Test Like A Grumpy Programmer” course and was wondering if there are some topics other than the basics (assertions, test doubles, *why* we test) you would like me to go over

Hey, #Keybase users: If you'd like to see Mastodon support in Keybase (which is just *perfect* in a federated network to verify people) and have a GitHub account: make sure to voice your wish, +1ing this comment on the related issue. That might make it happen!

How long until one can prove their identity on one or more Mastodon instances via Keybase?

Starting a project at work to build a load testing tool using Kubernetes to coordinate Docker images that have all the code on them to run the load tests. What are some pain points I should be aware?

if you look for a history of, technorati, flickr… there is nothing. just the most formative tools of the social web disappearing without a trace

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I’m fairly certain that it’s taking all of’s restraint not to put his finger up his nose for this picture.

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