@ashfurrow Hey man, my account (@eher@mastodon.technology) was blocked by "excessive advertisement". But the is was just a sugar rush...

Can you help me?

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If you’re explaining a programming concept to someone who’s asked for help please remember this:

The purpose of explaining something is to *help that person understand.*
It is *not* to make them think that you’re clever.

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Dear women, APPLY FOR ANYTHING THAT SOUNDS INTERESTING even if you're not qualified.
Why? Because men are applying for things they don't qualify for. Don't put yourself at a disadvantage.

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🍿🕵️Monorepos discussion on Hacker News

IMO the article is not worth reading, jump directly to the comments.


I'm using since yesterday phpactor on my Vim.

So I created a workflow plug-in for it:


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Happy New year fediverse!

I promise to spend more time in places where privacy and decentralization are respected.

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PHP 8 has a roadmap (ish), so thinking about plans for PHP 9.
A 9 is just a rotated 6...
Maybe we can finally bring Unicode support.
Except rotated...

I'm callin' it. Right now:
ǝpoɔıu∩ :6 ԀHԀ

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