Discord has a lower memory footprint than Slack, so joining is a win-win for you and your computer!
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New chat server, who dis?

If you are on our Slack, or are a developer who wants to hang out with other video game playing developers, come join us over on Discord!


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We’re thinking of starting a new Discord community to replace Slack with an aim for helping people connect with other who want to play games. Discord suits this better in our opinion because of the voice capabilities. Any interest in finding other gamers to group with?

I just found out that Stardew Valley is on iOS. And here I thought that having it on Switch was bad enough.

Also, I tried giving Linus a fish, and he thought it was junk. Fuck you Linus,… instagram.com/p/BxEBBwHA1oE/?u

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Join us May 31st, 2019 as we present
Day Camp 4 Developers: Data

We have 5 experts talking about important concepts you need to understand revolving around data.


Invest a day in your career

It really kinda bothers me how often "pipenv install" on a new machine complains that hashes do not match the lockfile

And my checkpoint it saved is 10 seconds before an ally flees, so this entire level has to be restarted. OMG.

OMG, I getting scam DMs now, like old e-mail scams.

I hate the internet.

You know what's awesome? Credit card fraud on one of my cards, and the CC company's phones are down. Like, all of them. And they have no chat apparently.

OK, I've _got_ to be missing something in Python.

Am I really supposed to test for closed connections every single query? Switched to postgres, and getting random "connection already closed" errors. Only answers seem to be "catch the exception and reconnect"

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We did what Valve couldn't do, and counted to 3!

We're happy to announce Sculpin 3 has been released! Thank you @Beryllium9@twitter.com
for all the hard work!


As an update:
Blew out all my test code. Started to follow youtube.com/watch?v=T3nlYgnxRN which talked about using Vue without a build system, and I could immediately get results. Ported it to the app I'm working on. My code looks almost like my test code, no idea why it didn't work
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I am missing something with Vue.js.

I want to pass data into a component. I've tried setting 'props' and …

I am missing something with Vue.js.

I want to pass data into a component. I've tried setting 'props' and adding it as an attribute to the new element, but the passed-in value never appears. I've tried as a .vue and as a JS-based component.

Front-end is frustrating.

Or, even better, here's _10 DIFFERENT WAYS_ to install this tool, because we have no idea which one of the 700 package managers or task runners you are using.

Why is it that all frontend tutorials are either "Here is a super trivial example that has no real world benefit" or "Congrats on your 5 years of JS development and complete understanding of all the tools, here's how this one piece works"?

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I am looking for both contract work as well as full time employment.

For contract work, I will code for food. Ping me and let me help your project.

For FTE, I am looking for a leadership role at a company where I can lead team(s) of developers.

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