Though honestly that has more to do with a massively supportive community that opened their arms to help me grow than the language itself.

But I still love PHP and am grateful for it.
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Name one technology that radically changed your career🚀

I start: @reactjs ⚛️

One of the biggest things my kids are learning this year as part of homeschooling is gaming the system, as arbitrary limits imposed by crappy educational platforms do nothing but restrict students.

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Want to work with me on a financial services app? PHP 7.4 + MySQL + (Angular|Typescript|JQuery) moving from CodeIgniter to Laravel + Elm + services. US based (sorry) $90k-120k per year. No agencies. Already one dev recruited here. Email me chartjes AT

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modern web dev is an extreme overreaction to not liking some php

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If you're into Developer Experience in general, and SDKs in particular, then my talk "Create Delightful SDKs" may be relevant to your interests I'd be really happy to chat more with others working in this space too :)

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I’ve set up as a community chat resource; it’s powered by open source @RocketChat. I don’t want it to take the place of other community spaces, but you’re welcome to use it for anything related to the PHP programming language, if your project needs a home.

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Did you know the PHP community has it’s very own magazine, by PHP developers, for PHP developers? Their articles cover everything from frameworks like Laravel and Symfony to internals to security and more. Check it out and subscribe! @phparch

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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but take your vacation days.

No, you can’t really go anywhere.

Yes, it will be weird.

Yes, it will feel like a waste.

Do it anyway. Your future self will thank you n

What's your setup for coding in PHP when it comes to your editor? Not so much the brand, but type of editors people are using.

Another weekend, another round of arguing with @Ask_Spectrum that there is an issue. Guess I’ll find out Monday.

The Simpsons, X-Men, and TMNT: Turtles in Time
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Inspired by @_Elantris_ 's Tweet, I'm going to bring back a classic conversation question I bring up with friends:

Assume unlimited budget & game availability & storage space, you can own 3 arcade cabinets. What are your three games/cabinets of choice?

Spending my evening de-sleeving MtG cards, watching the @CallMeKevin1811 stream archive, and cleaning off a SAN.

I'm pretty sure I don't need this folder from 2012 called "NetBeans Projects"

Anyone in my sphere regularly push to Nexus/Sonatype for Java? Got a question on creating group IDs (not ones associated with github though), please PM if you've got a few minutes for me to pick your brain.

That's why I went ahead and got pamstack for PHP. It's just marketing drivel for static pages backed by a PHP API:
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The problem I have with the term “jamstack” is that it’s marketing drivel used to describe static web pages.

A sense of self outside of the code I write.

Wanting a work life balance.

Having a family.

Let’s not shame people for not wanting to spend every waking moment coding.
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What's stopping you from coding like this?

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