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“You just punched a dwarven child” — D&D game

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Fully event-driven app architectures sometimes seem like a good idea, but humans quickly lose the ability to easily follow what the app is doing in event-driven systems. Events are great where needed, but much less awesome as a holistic app architecture.

Reason # 9872346 I love Linux ... Getting back up and running is as simple as remounting my /home directory, moving some files back into /etc/yum.repos.d/, and piping a text file into `dnf` to reinstall everything.

15 minutes later I'm all set.

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I know we all wfh always but it's still nice to see each other happy on the calls these days! Say hello to @slorello@twitter.com @RabbiGreenberg@twitter.com @dragonmantank@twitter.com @lakatos88@twitter.com @cotufa82@twitter.com @adamculp@twitter.com @kellyjandrews@twitter.com and me in todays SDK & Cloud call :)


Just search for it and listen.

OH: "I love door roleplay, it's my favorite kind"

If you love 80's rock, check out @ConfessBand1@twitter.com . I just realized I have had them on repeat almost all day.

Bought a lock picking set and practice locks after talking about it with @aspleenic@twitter.com at @SunShinePHP@twitter.com. It is becoming a nice diversion.

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Shout outs to @lornajane@twitter.com, @dragonmantank@twitter.com, @azjezz@twitter.com, and @djekl@twitter.com for the most epic pair programming session.

Come hang out, I'm sitting in chat watching him!
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Gonna PR some changes to the @Nexmo PHP SDK, in about an hour: twitch.tv/assertchris

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If you struggle with self-harm or thoughts of suicide, or if you want to help someone who does, consider signing up for @ProjectBuddy@twitter.com!

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It's time to try and forget your woes and enjoy 5 minutes and 49 seconds of physics.

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My father-in-law is a church minister, I built him a system using @VonageDev@twitter.com & @NodeRED@twitter.com so he could hold services via a basic conf call. Not everyone has access to video apps, especially the most vulnerable. He had one of his biggest ‘attendances’ in a while this morning 🎉

Just saying, freeconferencing.vonage.com/ doesn't do this.
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FYI to all of you (especially newbies) getting used to videoconferencing, esp with @zoom_us:

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I’m looking for a engineer to join my team! We build & ! If you love C++, @webrtc@twitter.com, and have experience with the chromium code base, let’a chat!

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