2005: Upload new SSL cert to box, restart Apache

2019: Unlink cert from Cloudfront, invalidate, wait 20 minutes. Delete cert, remake cert, add DNS entries, wait for SSL validation. Re-add SSL cert to Cloudfront, invalidate again, wait 20 minutes.


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The two sides of

⚒️Enabling with Tools
🏗️Building Products
📜Writing Docs
🙊Public Speaking

🔌Connecting with devs
👩‍🔧Community building
🎥Inspiring through videos or marketing

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If you make a lot of Jira tickets, I cannot stress how much @mheap's 'markdown-to-jira' package makes this a painless process.

Side note, working with @mheap
is pretty cool.


.@stevegrunwell@twitter.com @cr0wst@twitter.com *waves from Easton*

Also, how many Steve's live in Columbus?!

Guess I will just have to upgrade to a new phone from my Pixel 3 XL

So, I'm trying to decide if I want to actually play Death Stranding. On the one hand, it looks pretty chill, but on the other hand the balancing mechanic looks like it would be annoying after a while. I'm not 100% sure a gameplay loop of "deliver mail" would keep my interest.

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BREAKING: ACA open enrollment ends December 15, and due to Trump’s efforts, only 5% of the uninsured know this is the deadline.

Please consider sharing. Everything you need to know.

Disney+ experience off to a great start.

Firefox - had to disable all privacy blockers so I could see content, but nothing will actually play.

Chrome - Just laughs showing me the background gradient.

My favorite part of The Outer Worlds was finding all the cannibals.
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Episode 27 is out! @GeeH
and @dragonmantank
talk about The Outer Worlds and how they always wanted to become a Sub Sous Chef and be flash frozen.

Check it out out on YouTube or wherever you listen to podcasts!



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Are there still blog aggregators, or "Planets"? I know has one, but do any other dev communities still do that? I'm collecting a list.

(RT for reach yadda yadda.)

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I am looking for speakers for the @MySQL@twitter.com track at @SELinuxFest@twitter.com next March in Pasadena, CA! Especially first timers! elephantdolphin.blogspot.com/2 and can help with your proposal!

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Hire 👏 junior 👏 engineers.

It's good for them AND you (and the industry). twitter.com/mipsytipsy/status/

Today I learned that not having a conditional on `elsif` is perfectly valid Ruby:

if a == b
puts "should not reach"
puts "I will output"
puts "and so will I"

Reason #98734 why TDD and testing works:

Unit tests act as mini documentation for how code should work, and are great references.

I just used my PHP unit tests to help debug and write Ruby code and tests so that everything matched.

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Thanks to @NexmoDev@twitter.com, @hj_chen@twitter.com , and @pardel@twitter.com for the session on using the Messaging API. I added the service to my photo booth software for sending photos. sparkbooth.com/news/sparkbooth

I just realized QTodoTxt2 supports the `rec` plugin for recurring events.

If I could figure out a good way to marry this with my jrnl.sh stuff for notes, I'd be in heaven.

You've listened to the best, now listen to the rest
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We recorded a thing. It should be dropping in a few days!

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