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Next month our developer advocate @lornajane@twitter.com will be at @APItheDocs@twitter.com Amsterdam talking about GitHub as a Landing Page!

.@omerida@twitter.com and his high praise of my writing abilities.

Today I learned about `variables_order` in the php.ini after spending way to long trying to figure out why I couldn't inject environment variables in my CLI script.


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I'm looking for a senior PHP or full-stack role building quality code. I'm passionate about code reviews, unit testing, and pushing to production as often as possible. Remote, Chicago, or Milwaukee.


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You can only take things off the table if *you own the table* ... nobody owns ... nobody can take things off the table ...

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Is your team looking to learn @laravelphp@twitter.com? Join me at @_phpworld@twitter.com for a full day of in person instructor led training day we’re your team will get up and running with the latest version of Laravel twitter.com/LaraTraining/statu

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Do you support PHP moving to a stricter type system in the core?

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The "Move Fast and Break Things" mentality has, weirdly enough, broken everything.

It took less than 24 hours to shift into a dynamic vs strict typing debate.

I like that PHP allows us to do either. I prefer strict, but sometimes I just need to hammer out a script.

I don't see PHP changing that. Other languages (python, ruby, JS) all handle it. So can we.
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Am I in the minority in that the syntax and structure of PHP doesn't get in my way? Like, I'd rather see good features come …

"First up is Java, which was done by Other Steve, who we don't talk about anymore."

What did @cr0wst@twitter.com do to hurt @mheap@twitter.com so badly? :P

Am I in the minority in that the syntax and structure of PHP doesn't get in my way? Like, I'd rather see good features come to the language as opposed to syntax changes.

Char-counting is a bad metric anyway, and a few extra keystrokes isn't actually slowing me down.

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What does a Developer Advocate do on a daily basis? All this and more in a blog post, because the twitter thread I had over the weekend didn't really do it justice.


I did my first release for @NexmoDev@twitter.com ! And _pretty_ sure I didn't break anything.


I'm pushing the button like Frank.

Wish me luck.

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Decided to take my months long wrestling with an important framework decision - to the public. Got experience maintaining several framework-based projects? Please chime in!


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At what point does Apple just remove the phone functionality and just turn the iPhone into what they want it to be - your portable device for everything.

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Hey Folks. My new 6 song EP is dropping on September 27, 2019.

You can stream THE WHOLE THING right now, for free, at DeadAgent.net

Preorder is only $4. All tracks are CC BY-SA 4.0.

Give it a listen. RT for love. Thanks!

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@dragonmantank@twitter.com yep. but as Paul Jones taught me

"There are no solutions, only tradeoffs."

-- @ThomasSowell@twitter.com

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