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Advice to young people entering the field of computing:

If you choose to work at a company that possesses dubious ethical practices because it looks like fun and exciting and lucrative technical work, you yourself have just made an ethical decision.

I miss working with this man, and it’s been less than a week.
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Just a warning.. I've had a really painful arm for over a week now. Decided to rub some deep heat on it this evening.. forgot to wash thoroughly and some reason touched my nipple. Now I can cut diamonds with my chest.

And with that, my time at Vonage has come to an end. It was a good two years, and I met a bunch of awesome people. So many have come and gone. Good luck to the team.

I’m off to my next adventure.

Final Fantasy 14 starts you off waking up in a chocobo-drawn trailer.


"Contact Sales" and "Start your Free Trial" are not prices

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and organizers👇

Please stop making us use your slide templates.

No-one wants to take the time to move their own content to your template, just so it shows your conference logo.

"But it is consistent!". Attendees don't care.

This is unnecessary busy-work.

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📺 Twitch anyone? I had an amazing chat with @coryalthoff our Twitch Hero at @VonageDev about Python, FastAPI and of course…sports. Check it out here 👉🏾 twitch.tv/videos/1067267506

Anyone I know playing FF14? Thinking about jumping in since it seems somewhat solo-able, and I've never been a huge fan of WoW.

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As of midnight UTC, our last round of elections is concluded!

Congratulations to @vdelau for becoming our new Secretary, @alekitto & @michellesanver for becoming new CC members, and @Crell @mwop and @shadowhand for their renewed terms!

Site & permissions will be updated shortly

Played the new Dark Alliance game yesterday with @EliW and @omerida .

I give it a solid "Decent with friends, bleh solo." There are enough bugs I feel this is really a beta release. Lots of enemy AI that doesn't do anything, and plenty of ways to cheese fights.

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"Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute." — Harold Abelson

My kids just called @theoffspring oldies music.

Anyone want some kids?

“I’d rather him date a good Christian girl instead of one of those Catholics.”

It’s great going to restaurants again.

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There is still time to join us later today at Get Started with Vonage Video and Laravel from @dragonmantank! He'll be talking you through how to create virtual video rooms with user logins.

Get your ticket here: vonage.dev/2Sp85Ub

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@HomesteadDev Now I've made it even easier: Here's a One time Github Sponsorship to cover the cost of an M1 machine: github.com/sponsors/svpernova0

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A little late to the party here, but apparently @hotdougsmovie did eventually get released and had a cameo around the 30 minute mark.

Docker: Where reproducibility is "build worked last night, but today packages cannot be found so ha-ha you can't work with a new checkout"

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