My favorite part of my MBP is when I press the power button and absolutely nothing happens.

So now my Apple Watch sits unpaired and useless. All I see online is “you have to wait, nothing else to do.”

Apple is so courageous.

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Second Apple Watch to last about a year.

- No space for update, had to unpair
- Wait 2 hours to download update again
- 45 minutes turns into 3 hours, have to cancel because I’m leaving
- 3 hours turns into 5 hours, have to cancel again
- 5 hours locks app, ruining update

Tonight’s entertainment:

“Why can’t we sit right now? You have plenty of open tables. I don’t understand.”

Ah, the lovely country sounds of someone arguing over a mask mandate with a private restaurant.

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Hi @Azure, @AzureSupport and @AzureAppService. When are we getting PHP 8.0 runtime on Azure App Services (Windows & Linux)? After 6 months we would like to move forward. /cc @nicktrog @TechMike2kX @joshholmes @markjbrown

Uni-bal Signo UM-151 0.38mm may be my new favorite pen.

MTG Cards will continue to be sold, as it turns out no one really liked Strixhaven anyway. When reached for comment, Hasbro's rep opened a gaping maw and gurgled something about buying Set Boosters before consuming the reporter.
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So, I guess Pokémon, MLB, NFL, and NBA trading cards are no longer going to be sold at Target stores starting this Friday.

I love paying extra for shipping only to find out it still goes by FedEx SmartPost, literally one of the shittiest delivery methods possible.

Package had been sitting in MI since Friday, and only now apparently got off a truck. Still no clue when I’ll get my package.

The future is amazing. Every movie I want at my fingertips.

Until I’m 1/3rd through a trilogy and the streaming service starts having fits and I have to go to the store and by the DVD set.

And it’s cold and raining.

Thanks future.

Millennials are killing the architecture industry
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For all the talk about progress, why are beautiful buildings like this so rare these days?

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Join our Server SDK team lead @Czajkowski at this panel discussion on improving communication within your engineering teams!


Only burned myself 3 times replacing my 3D printer nozzle.

Kinda fixed my problem, but still figuring out why it’s like the bed is shrinking away from the nozzle randomly.

OH: Centaurs are medium, and horses are large, so a centaur could ride a horse

To be a “real” language, “[PHP] needs first-order async.”

Why? What problem has been so unsolvable in PHP that it needs a completely different processing model?

I’m not saying async is bad (I’m looking forward to Fibers), but why is that a qualifier?

I just have to wait the 2-3 minutes for it to decide to go back to sleep, then I can wake it back up and everything works.

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