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Looking for 2 mid/senior level developers to join my team at @nexcess@twitter.com/@LiquidWeb@twitter.com! One full time, one contract. Local and remote considered. Great company, benefits, and culture! PM me for details. Please RT!

Every time a test isn’t written, @grmpyprogrammer@twitter.com gets woken up.
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I am a light sleeper https://twit@grmpyprogrammer@twitter.comler/status/1219286334851944449

I was interviewing for a senior PHP position. When I was given a code problem, and solved it using a built-in function of PHP using a few lines of code.

Interviewer got mad and said I needed to do it from scratch. He basically got mad I showed him something he didn't know.
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Twitter, what’s the worst job interview you’ve ever had?

Listen to "Anatomy of your Enemy."

Just saying.

D&D OH: "There is still a steady stream of deadly gas coming from the hole."

This is my weekly reminder to everyone that I hate JIRA.

T-shirts are running out, but thanks to our friend @cr0wst@twitter.com we have a mascot for the day!

Want to help out with @phpfig@twitter.com ? We're currently taking nominations for the Core Council and secretaries.

More info is at groups.google.com/forum/#!topi

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I don't normally do this, but my daughter has a goal of 400 cookies this year and I would love to blow that out of the water. Buy a few if you can :)


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When working with APIs, I often think of my code as a conversation.

Ask for data, get data, say thank you and acknowledge you received the data.

Breakdown of communication in one of those steps, and things start to get challenging. Just like human relationships. 🤝

Getting acclimated to Fedora Silverblue has been interesting. Breaking what now feel like bad habits in editing things in core places is a hard thing to stop doing.

Also, being a developer makes it extra hard, but the toolbox and flatpak stuff seems OK?

So during the holiday break, I decided to finally start doing some woodworking. A buddy and myself decided we wanted to try our hands at making tabletop supplies, and we settled on dice trays to start with. After a… instagram.com/p/B7CKF0VJLbp/?i

* Try and run ruby command
* Realize via error I have the wrong version
* Spend 10 minutes trying to convince rvm to let me switch versions
* Am 1 version off what the Gemfile wants
* Installs correct version
* Bundler isn't new enough

*screams in programmer*

Finally watched Star Wars.

Didn't like it. So I guess I'm in that camp.

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On the lookout for a new PHP dev role in 2020, ideally using expressive / @getlaminas@twitter.com.

Thank you @AndrewSCaya@twitter.com and @waltertamboer@twitter.com for letting me bounce some info off them. It was a big help!

Is there anyone I know that knows async programming (not specifically React/Swoole/Amp usage, but like the lower level) feel like spending 15 minutes with me to make sure I've got the correct idea down? Want to go over some slides and code.

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