Github Actions feels like bolting things together like Lego, but not knowing if the pieces actually fit, and you can only see if it looks right by showing everyone. And there's always a piece missing.

What are people using for async DB access in PHP at the moment? Looking at moving a Doctrine-based worker to ReactPHP

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I'm genuinely happy to help anyone who wants to start talking at conferences. Please DM me. If I get criticised for spelling something wrong, so be it. But honestly I'd love to help you.

Stop breaking userland. While I love to see PHP improve, it’s dynamic nature (not just dynamic properties) is part of what makes the language so resilient and powerful.
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The dead of PHP...

Today @derickr was kind enough to give me a heads-up on a PHP 8.2 RFC currently in voting:

The vote is currently leaning to accepting and this scares me …

Spent the morning implementing an oauth 2 login flow for a CLI app to make things easier down the road.

Now I’m going to eat Chef Boyardee ravioli for lunch.

I’m a professional adult.

DM: "Name the restaurant."

Me: "Well, the local arena has a... Grapplebee's."

I peaked. It's all downhill from here.

One day we’ll get back to building less fragile applications, right?
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@auroraeosrose I've run into a lot of those, especially Ruby apps. I hate them.

If your web app cannot run without Docker, it means it's just too fragile and you built it wrong.

Since in-person events are ramping up, I think it’s time to bring back the MtG tournaments at PHP conferences. I’d like to get a site set up with the previous history and make it easier to coordinate. If you were a previous belt holder, can you DM me the conf you won and lost at?

Most of the time I end up using jQuery as it solves the problem quicker and more easily than "modern frameworks."

I usually go raw JS -> jQuery -> framework
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Think about the biases that are reinforced by your bubble.

A lot of the surprise about jQuery usage stats comes from living in a bubble,” Gołębiowski-Owczarek told me. “Most websites are not complex Web apps… jQuery is still very popular there; it works and it’s s…

phpstan, while a great tool everyone should use, is not a replacement for unit testing.

Heading home. Thanks for the awesome conference , and to all the sponsors and volunteers. It was great to meet new and old friends, and the talks were informative as always.

All my devices know I'm leaving, so everything is currently in "You have an important update to install" mode

Looking forward to @LonghornPHP this weekend. First in person conference since the world locked down. I can’t wait to see so many friends.

Come see me at the @OSMHhelp booth or my talk on hit Saturday!

What's nice is that it took me longer to download and make the USB drive to re-install Ubuntu than it did to fix it (remounting my /home) and run Puppet to reinstall everything.
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Guess who just deleted their system partition?

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