I may have purchased some expensive MtG cards for my sliver and upcoming dragon deck.

But, I didn’t buy the $430 Draconic Domination deck they had though. So technically I _saved_ money.


What are some good resources for learning Swift? iOS development resources are a plus, but even just the general language/CLI stuff outside of macOS

Google waits until the last second to make personal GSuite legacy accounts free. Glad they are giving less than 2 weeks notice before their previous deadline, after responsible people already migrated. Though I'm sure part of this was to reduce the number of accounts they have to support going forward.


Looks like I’m going to have to hit up some conferences for new stickers.

Good thing I’m back doing DevRel at @VonageDev

I've discovered the solution to all our engineering issues.
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@dragonmantank @grhmc Or, consider: stop writing code?

If you don't put brackets around your control flows, you're wrong.

I know if/else and others allow you to ignore them if they are just one line, but no. Stop.

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@MarkDStrauss My favorite take on this (author unfortunately unknown)

I'm back with more Civ 6, playing as The Cree! Right now!

Also moved stuff around in my office, so hopefully the streaming computer isn't too loud.



The whole GSuite shutdown is such a mess. While I'm transferring I checked to see on the what the plans on if you want to stay. $0 for four months, then 50% off a year ($3/account/month).

A no-cost option wait-list will be available "in a few weeks"... but the deadline is in 3 weeks, at which time they will automatically transition you. So which is it?

And nothing about App Store purchase transfers.

I should be all set, but at least I had time to prepare.

Trying to set up Thunderbird for encryption is infuriating.

GnuPG seems my keyring just fine. I enabled Thunderbird to use an external GnuPG keyring. Their instructions just say "Toggle this and set up GnuPG and make sure it works."

Add my key ID, and when trying to sign an e-mail it says it can't find my key on the keyring. Try to import my public key, and it doesn't like the file.

I'm glad I don't have to set up Enigmail anymore, but at least that used to work.

Fedora 36 released today!

Fedora has become my go-to distro now, and the last few releases have been awesome. The upgrade from 35->36 went smoothly on my desktop, and I'll be upgrading my laptop tonight.

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Check out our FREE article from April 2022, Chris Tankersley's ( @dragonmantank ) Education Station: Which License to Choose? phparch.com/article/education-

GMail: Archive everything, you have basically unlimited space!

Yeah, I really need all these automated alerts from 8 years ago that are now being transferred.

Maybe there shouldn’t use the same DARK patterns spammers use just saying.

They should sign up for my mailing list. This weeks topic is TOP SECRET MARKETING TIPS. Oh and a donation of ONLY $10 will help greatly.

Donate $20 to become a SPECIAL MEMBER and never miss an email.
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Gmail is actively suppressing emails from Republicans from hitting your inbox. Straight to SPAM! This is ELECTION INTERFERENCE! Big Te…

Doesn’t look like my internet wants to cooperate tonight. Fine, you win this round internet, but the Cree will remember this!

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Doesn’t look like my internet wants to cooperate tonight. Fine, you win this round internet, but then Cree will remember this!

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