Loop Hero is an awesome little indie game. It’s a really nice combination of planning and idle gaming. And there is a demo. And your save game moves to the full version.

And now today I'm watching a friggin' live stream of astronauts working in space doing maintenance.


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14 years of shitposting, bad jokes, and some tech content. This is what technology is used for. The future is amazing.


Working with @RabbiGreenberg has been wonderful, and I know he’ll do great in his next role. He was a great asset to our Server SDK team.

It’s sad to see him go, not just because it means I have to do Ruby in the meantime...
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Wow, transitions are so hard.

2+ years ago I joined @NexmoDev/@VonageDev & shortly after joining met my colleagues for our 1st in Athens 🇬🇷.

This month I leave @Vonage to j…

14 years of shitposting, bad jokes, and some tech content. This is what technology is used for. The future is amazing.

Really happy with my @GamesDoneQuick desk mat that arrived today!

Now I just need a better organized desk.

Time to go watch the animated movie and be sad again...
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I'm curious if @WeisMargaret, @trhickman, @Wizards, or @Wizards_DnD has ever been approached about turning the Dragonlance novels into an ongoing series on @netflix, @hulu, @hbomax, @PrimeVideo, or @disneyplus?

How has this not happened? It would be the next Game of Thrones.

Copy of "Refactoring" finally got here, all set for @_devbookclub !

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Well folks, I am now back on the market. Looking for a position in tech leadership. I like building things and teaching, and frankly I'm pretty damned good at both. Senior architect, VP Eng, VP Product, etc. Maybe another DevRel if right fit. FOSS-friendly a must.

Protip: If you are sending in a resume/CV for a job, at least make sure that:

1. There aren't any typos
2. Your file is rendered properly

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Welcome to Xdebug Cloud, a new service by @derickr, the author of @Xdebug

Xdebug Cloud exists to make debugging PHP with Xdebug in more complicated networking set-ups, such as through docker, vagrant, and development machines on cloud services, easier.

As a polyglot developer ... is the best dependency manager hands down.

It didn't take long before my neutral evil Orc barbarian went full in on being The Rat King, including bossing around a wererat subject.

The only time I gave a presentation in a button up shirt was because the UG meeting was right after an office job.

I’ve given probably over a hundred presentations and workshops wearing a t-shirt.

I’ve keynoted twice in t-shirt and jeans.

Don’t listen to this gatekeeping.
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Virtual presenters should ALWAYS stand up to present and wear a button-down shirt. I'm sick of seeing presenters slumping in a chair wearing a polo…

OH: "With enough money you can buy anything, even french toast."

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