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Not sure if we *need* this, but it's ready to go if we do. Thanks a ton to @derickr for helping me with the wording & content.

And of course @KaraFerguson for reviewing/editing <3

In today's news: I helped some pagans calculate when solstices and equinoxes occur.

I think I should make an RFC to change array to Array in var_export output. What do you think @pollita ?

I’m hanging out on phpc.chat today, in case you need some socialization and want to join me there.

Evidently @calevans has released the interview with @derickr and I at .

Have a listen! (Most of these podcasts sound better than this, I guess there were hardware issues that day)

Tasty meal tonight! Butternut squash, goats cheese, onions and thyme. Vegetarian can be tasty!

Though, saying all this: I’m just shouting into an echo chamber on here.

We all are.

Our posts showing how @BorisJohnson@twitter.activitypub.actor is a lying fuck don’t do anything to change the minds of those who’d vote for him.

I’m preaching to the choir.


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So is this where all the cool people hang out now?

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The EU was never properly explained to the Brtish public; just used as a scapegoat for anything and everything by the UK Govt and the tabloids. This is Conservative MEP @RichardAshMEP@twitter.com speaking in Strasbourg today.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Jim_Cornelius/stat

New Year, New social network.

And a lot of other new things happening that I'll soon be talking about.

Mozilla's take on the Edge news.

"By adopting Chromium, Microsoft hands over control of even more of online life to Google... We compete with Google not because it’s a good business opportunity. We compete with Google because the health of the internet and online life depend on competition and choice."


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