Am I the only one who reads "phparch" as a vaguely sectarian title of office?

FFS, why is there *always* some dweeb willing to step up and say "actually, obfuscated data mining is great! What you didn't read the TOS, lol?"


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TV person: "We're about to install the concrete countertops."
Me, to myself: "As opposed to abstract countertops."
Me, quieter: "That's what we call instantiation."

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"The .phar file extension has been added to Drupal's dangerous extensions list"

This shouldn't make me laugh.

That lovely feeling when you finally start closing all the tabs you've opened the past two days while you duckduckgoed, stackoverflowed, and phpnetted the living crap out of a particularly vexing problem.

Oh, PHP. Some days you're just magical.

I hate that about you.

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This Mycroft thing is _really_ intriguing.

Wanna play.

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