Me: *keenly aware that sending email is not an immediate thing and sometimes delivery can take longer than you'd expect*

Also me: Why is the email this service said it sent me not showing up in my inbox immediately?

I am super excited to be able to announce that I'm gonna be joining the Roave Team next month! I'm too ecstatic about this opportunity and I wanted to share.

My AnnotatedContainer project is reaching the point where basic functionality is in place and I"m needing to solve more complex or nuanced problems. I think this makes sense but without somebody to bounce ideas off of I'm left unsure of my solution.

Somebody a couple houses down from where I live just fired off 4 or 5 gunshots. Sounded like from a handgun but I couldn’t tell.

Can’t wait until my wife and I are able to move.

It is going to take a shift in how I think about working with the OS but looks really interesting. The ability to do something like...

toolbox enter client-a

Then install packages specific to client-a that might conflict with host system or some other client.

rpm-ostree status

See a list of all of your 'deployments' (OS upgrades and host package installs).. choose to rollback to what your system was before the current deploy

Had an app I work on upgraded to 17 lately. NullPointerException don't just say `null` anymore. They actually provide useful information about what variable/method call results in null. In previous Java versions the exception message is literally `null`.

Not sure I've been in a situation where a change to an Exception message might be the most useful new feature from an upgrade.

Think I'm gonna try out Pest, writing some tests tonight. Feel like the higher-order test concept they have might be useful.

Yesterday the whole day was effectively shot in the face dealing with dependency problems in Node and and an OpenSSL upgrade. I sincerely hope that I solved all the problems and I can be productive today.

Getting a setup has made MFA so much easier. Wish all accounts I had supported it.

Our has taken to jumping onto my shoulder from the back of my desk chair. This is my life now. I'm a cat taxi.

Been using as my primary development environment for 5+ years. Had been using a Mac, and enjoying it, before then. Tremendous Docker problems with Mac made me swap over.

I'm not the kind of dev to say you MUST use OSS code, but I do like to use it whenever I can. I chose to go with the open-source GPU drivers when I installed my OS. Got 4k monitors, noticed some mouse lag during video playback. Decided to try properietary Nvidia drivers.

it is night and day different.

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Here's a tip for using the federated timeline!

If you see something you don't like or there are too many posts from a user or instance, you can click to view a user profile and choose to mute or block any user. Then, leave a note to remember why.

You can also block an entire domain.

Finally, if someone is violating our local code of conduct, you may report the account, and our moderators will decide how to handle it.

(Apologies to @ericmann for using his profile as an example.)

I think something it is missing that would help a lot is ability to edit the ticket (Issue) description without having to go into the Issues section of the repo. Kinda dampens the flow a little bit that you can't do from within the project.

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I've actually been enjoying* the new project management features on .

I have a view that acts as a Roadmap to give an idea on what features are coming and when.

I have a view that acts as a Kanban board for the current milestone being worked on.

I have a view that gives a high-level overview of everything. This is where I create the ticket.

*As much as one can enjoy managing tickets

I got php-di implemented as a Container to use with my annotated-container project. Feeling pretty good about having 2 different containers implemented, confident 3+ will be coming soon. Still have more to do before it is releasable but seeing the test suite pass is really good. looks pretty amazing. Thinking of all kind of ways you might take advantage of something like this.

Added some new functionality to my container project recently. I think I like it but there's also something I feel like I'm missing.

About 3 years ago I built a state machine in Java that was meant to interop with an app written in Rails. I just got through pairing with a dev on using the state machine to solve a problem that I had anticipated all those years ago and it solved it perfectly.

Feels really good that even after the state machine no longer needs to interop with a Rails app it is functional enough to keep using and being useful.

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