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Hi! I have been paying my bills programming in PHP for over a decade with WP being what got me into the language originally.

I have a number of personal projects that I work on with the PHP Plates based static site generator Tapestry being the one that consumes the most spare time.

I thoroughly enjoy working with, and helping others and would very much like to be more involved in the PHP community at large.

I have been experiencing some weird behavior with Nuxt.js hot reload and PHPStorm. I save a file and hotreload knows about it but the file content it sees is out of date or corrupted in some way...

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If you’re a developer in 2021 and you’re adding tracking devices from Google, Facebook, etc., to your sites and apps, the one thing you can’t do any longer is to feign innocence. You know exactly what you’re doing and you’re complicit in perpetuating surveillance capitalism.

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what's the easiest / fastest way to make a simple lightweight only-for-me GUI with buttons and a few status booleans? I already have bash scripts for the functionality, but I'd like a GUI instead.

I'm on Ubuntu and am proficient in Python, Rust, JavaScript, etc.

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API Developers of the fediverse, what tools do you use to generate public facing api documentation?

heh, I hadn't updated composer in a while by the looks of things.

I have missed this laptop. The keyboard on the ThinkPad X230 is a dream to type on!!!

Just opened my personal laptop for the first time in six months; hello windows 10 updates... ugh!

It's been a bit of a weird year. Global pandemic aside I don't think I have spend this long offline in over a decade.

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Anyone on here got experience in setting up a self hosted open source video conferencing system?
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Are there any #pleroma developers online? I recently updated to the latest stable version and now the Matodon FE is broken with the following console error:

Uncaught DOMException: Failed to construct 'WebSocket': The subprotocol '...' is invalid.

The ... looks to be base64 encoded and looking through the code this looks to be the oauth access_token for the logged in user.

Not sure if this is broken for anyone else but my install?
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corporates in the time of covid-19 

if your company is organizing to have your customers donate funds to support your impacted employees, I'm going to want to see your corporate accounting ledgers along with the compensation packages of your executive team and board of directors.

it is absolute bullshit to use folks' desire to help other folks who are in need to try and decrease your corporate responsibility to those you employ(ed).

too many goddamned scam artists at the top of far too many businesses.

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I bought this on a whim as it as £8 in a sale and its provided me with hours of entertainment; its absolute rubbish but in the best kind of way as its fun.

I feel inspired to write a short review on each of its 151 games; maybe once a day or how ever often I feel able to sit down and write a few hundred words.
A tiny gameboy styled hand held…
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