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Hi! I have been paying my bills programming in PHP for over a decade with WP being what got me into the language originally.

I have a number of personal projects that I work on with the PHP Plates based static site generator Tapestry being the one that consumes the most spare time.

I thoroughly enjoy working with, and helping others and would very much like to be more involved in the PHP community at large.

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This is another unfinished one from my archive; I have cropped it to the most complete part of the image - the heels.

I really like this crop as an image in its own right.
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Boosting as an image so I don't annoy those with screen readers with the emoji spam.

This bot account is quite pretty and a nice addition to my home feed @tiny_gardens
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Passwords on their own are becoming increasingly insecure and that's always going to be the case. Using long garbled passwords with a password manager and 2fa on everything is the best bet to keep your shit secure.

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Dear user of the fediverse,

today, it is my birthday. I have but one request, and I am sure you already know what it is. But, I will still choose to reiterate myself.

For my birthday, as a gift, I would like some boosts. I hope you can fulfill my request.
Thank you in advance.


Evelien "Citrus" Twee

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ActivityPub 0.1.0 has been released. You can work with all ActivityStreams 2.0 Types and more... in #PHP.

Feel free to submit issues and pull requests for enhancements/bugfixes.

#ActivityPub #ActivityStreams

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#Pine64 has some pre #FOSDEM announcements.

Biggest one is the #PinebookPro.

14" 1080p display
**usb-c**, with power input and video output
#Rockchip #RK3399

and the usual laptop features. target price, US$199! I look forward to getting #OpenBSD running well on this #arm64 system.

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For future reference if you use an alternative configuration file in PHPStorm for your PHPUnit Run/Debug config it doesn't get applied to ad-hoc method tests unless you set the "Default configuation file" property under "Test Runner" in the "Test Frameworks" config pane.

If this helps just one other from wasting a morning figuring out why their tests run as a batch but not when filtered as a singular it will have been worth documenting. #php
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a while ago i bought a book about interior design published in the mid-late 80s. this is one of the pages in it

I found this short 12 minute tutorial on building your own CSS preprocessor in vanilla ES6 super interesting

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Oh my god i just found out that if an animal is found that defies classification they are placed in a substitute taxon called problematica and that is... so funny to me.

Callout post: Tully monster

- What the fuck is this thing
- Is it a mollusc or a jawless fish or what


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@romanzolotarev just an idea, but you could write another companion to ssg like rssg that creates a json index of the page content and provides a js file for live search of the websites content? It could be called sssg ๐Ÿ˜€

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>internet service provider
>only reachable by phone call
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๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ•น๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ‘‰I need you to back this and help preserve the history of Shareware.

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โ€œiโ€™m trying to become the most banned instance on the fediverseโ€

such a worthwhile endeavor in life, a major accomplishment

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