I'm looking for information on setting up an isolated network for IoT devices. I know I saw someone post about their setup recently, but no clue who it was. I know enough about VLANs and the like to be dangerous, but not sure how that works when it comes to setting up separate WIFI networks and whether that even makes sense.

Has anyone found/used a nice "shield" or "case" for their keyboard? I have two use cases I feel aren't all that out of line but I haven't found much of anything to scratch either itch.

My cat. I want to be able to easily/quickly place a nice form fitting cover over my keyboard when the cat attack.s

Travel. I want to pack my keyboard without being super paranoid about it.

Could be the same device, but I'd expect the later to snap/click into place. Not sure I'd want that for the former.

What's the best way to get started w/ + for someone who hates every JS Framework except ? 👴 👴 👴 👴 👴 👴

Is anyone using a Stream Deck and/or Touch Portal?

As hard as I've tried to make Touch Portal work, I can't get anywhere near the performance of either my hardware Stream Deck (first version they released) or Stream Deck Mobile on my iPhone. It's not even close!

Has anyone had a better experience with Touch Portal? I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

Does anyone want to volunteer to help me try Tuple for a quick screen sharing session? My trial is up and I need to start paying for it, but haven't had a chance to even use it yet. Would like to change that today. :)

DM me if you're available for even 5 minutes over the next hour or so.


Is anyone using any of the "make a website into a desktop application" tools for macOS? I've used a few in the past and wondering if there is something better/newer I should try out.

I was discussing with my wife how nuts and unhinged things on social media appear to be outside my little bubble of tech shitposting, political commentary, and the occasional Magic post. So much rage, so much disinformation, so many people just making shit up. I have a friend who does race-related stuff and the rage and misinformation directed at them is intense

@Crell Which golang CLI toolkits or frameworks would you recommend?

I have a CLI app I'd like to write. I started a rough draft in , but think or would probably be better. However, I'm not super proficient in node and barely know anything at all about golang.

But, I need the app sooner rather than later. I imagine it will be considerably slower if it's written in PHP, but it is more likely to be finished but I suspect it's going to be annoyingly slow to run.


@pollita I'd kinda like to create a tech/business account, an art account, and a photo account, or something. I know I should create accounts on communities that make sense because that's the only way to get access to their local feeds (as far as I can tell?) for finding people to follow. Except, not sure how I'd get those people followed on my own server easily.

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@pollita How do you handle following people from different communities? Like, do you ever follow PHP people from the @saramg? Do you ever end up (accidentally or otherwise) follow the same account from both accounts?

I'm currently trying to figure out if I should set up my own server(s) for my identities on my own domains, but not sure if that actually makes sense.

Lately, I've been having a go w/ TrueNAS SCALE which means I've been needing to deal a bit with legacy hardware and a filesystem (zfs) I've had no experience with. It's been... a real trip.

Tonight, I'm trying to do some performance testing with a new external USB 3.0 PCIe card. I'm hoping it is more stable and faster than the old motherboard's built-in USB. So far, it DOES seem faster.

Next step is looking to see if moving some of the drives in the USB enclosure are far faster via SATA II.

The unfortunate side of having each community essentially its own and requiring a new account for each community is overload and overwhelm for people who don't deal well with choices.

Pretty unhappy with the unfortunate choice of name of "toot."

Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

@pixelfed: Hello! I'm relatively new to the whole federation stuff. If I already have an account where I'm at now, would I need to create a separate account on, say, pixelfed.social, in order to "use" a pixelfed instance? Or can I somehow use one of my other mastadon accounts somehow? :)

I'm curious as to how people might manage an account on multiple communities. Actual sub-question here is, would it make sense for people to have their own server?

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