Farhad A skrev følgende innlegg Sun, 19 Jun 2022 19:35:46 +0200 1982 - “Tell them.”
- “I did. They laughed.”

1992 - Tell them again."
- “I did. They laughed.”

2002 - You must keep telling them."
- “I do tell them, everyday I tell them few will listen”

“They must listen or it will be too late”

- “It is too late.”

2022 - “Is it really still too late?”
- “It’s way past too late. Fewer people are laughing.”

2033 “Why did no one tell us?”
- “Oh we did, many times, many ways. But we have made progress. No one is laughing anymore.”

#GlobalWarming #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCatastrophe #Environment

I spent some time this holiday weekend watching variious bands cover Rush songs. There are several talented bands out there. One of them covered the ENTIRE "Moving Pictures" album and it was glorious. youtube.com/watch?v=NGQ0CAnYQs

It's a wonderful rabbit hole to go down if you're a rush fan Also check out YYNot

Idea: A strictly typed language with a cool name - Let's call it ProseScript - that transpiles to PHP. Just like TypeScript transpiles to JavaScript. Could help with the people who don't like PHP. Features would be consistently named functions, and needle/haystack is always consistent.

The word `Toot` as the action to post on Mastodon amuses me because it sounds like a euphemism for a fart.

It amuses because it's an implcit commentary on anything you post - no matter how serious you try to make it sound - which just makes it funnier 😂

I put an ios Mastodon client on my iphone. This morning I wanted to use the PhpUgly emoji :phpugly: that was recently added - and my client crashed. Twice! So I'm taking it was a sign to not use the PhpUgly emoji. 😂


"One Repo to rule them all, One Repo to find them, One Repo to bring them all and in the codebase bind them."

i’m listening to the PhpUgly podcast and Tom asks “Why do I feel like this podcast is an index for other podcasts?”, and i thought - Oh! that reminds me of the Dogpile search engine from the late 90s. Who remembers Dogpile? What was your favorite search engine from back in the day? Mine was Altavista.

The thing I love about guitars, is that it is more than just an instrument. It's also a type of art. Wood and metal combine with shape, paint, and stain to give each guitar its own character. If you never played it, and hung it on the wall, it can be admired for its beauty and character. But when someone plays it, the guitar lives a life. It becomes imbued with stories and meaning, and a sense of history.

I'm watching "You've Got Mail" because I'm nostaligic for the days of the early Internet, and the beauty of Meg Ryan. She is so good in this

Wow, just wow. One of the best summaries I've heard about what we are seeing in our country today. We need more well-rounded and articulate people like this in politics, on both sides. Great talk @SecretaryPete and thanks for the work you do every day. youtube.com/watch?v=5ysZYwjuFe

Finally getting around to learning how to use Mastodon, and tweaking my profile.

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