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I have 10+ years of development, helped bring UG to life in São Paulo, Brazil.

I believe in as a philosophy and in the as a vehicle to improve democracy. We can make the world a better place, one commit at a time.

Email feature idea: Avoid notifications of reply-all with more than X amount of people.

Or people could use newsletters for that instead of only a poor RSS replacement.

RT Secret about all the OSS projects you use: the more you engage with the project, the more people running it want to add new cool things, and the more others engage. Please commit to at least 1 forum post before Christmas if you care about this stuff. This matters!


RT se você ver conteúdo de ódio, ameaças, incitação à violência:
1. não divulgue prints nem a mensagem (mesmo que seja para expor/denunciar);
2. denuncie em canais apropriados - se for na internet, MPF se for na rua
(info da


Esse tweet, sarcástico, é a prova de que os dois lados tão sem escrúpulos nenhum.

A mina tomou xingo dos dois lados. E não foi coisa pouca não. Tá foda.
RT Quem é esse Roger Waters querendo 5 minutos de fama?


RT Quem é esse Roger Waters querendo 5 minutos de fama?


RT Absolutely: “We need to make this intersection much larger” on the collaboration between product design and software design


RT “Just lower WIP!”

The challenge is that a system designed for high WIP needs high WIP. Lowering it will be painful. Lowering it will require psychological safety, and an attention to people’s needs.


RT When someone tells you to hold your horses, they’re telling you to be stable.


O nível de alienação é assustador.

Ninguém, não é hipérbole, leu o título inteiro antes de se manifestar.
Acho louvável o brasileiro se posicionar politicamente, só falta interpretação de texto.

A política tá uma 💩 mas governo não é brincadeira.

There is still hope for a world where low cash burn rates are the norm, not the news. ♥️
RT We spent $3,300,000 buying out our main VC investors.

Here’s a quick summary 👇


The munchies are the best type of hunger to have! 😂

Google being shutdown and starts to display ads as e-mails. Sweet.

And to think I've convinced myself web w-mail clients were finally an alternative to .

O Bolsonaro sofreu um golpe (de um ex-militar) como candidato. É isso mesmo produção? Foi mal, tava doidão.

The world is $250 Trillion in Debt ($85T in 2000 and $175T in 2008), governments being the biggest debtors.
That either portends austerity measures or central-bank meddling as permanent fixture of 21st century.

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