The Brighton Drupal pub meet is this... Thursday. Trying a different day to see if we can reboot the meet-up.

Interesting reading this about a terminal advertising script in and NPM package, and the reaction it got.

My thing on this is that rarely are the people who would see this be paying the bills, so in a position to fund open source work. I would have gone with job ads, then the bosses might start donating.

Usual method of setting [‘’] to array keys of ids isn’t working…

Tearing hair out with trying to set checkboxes in better exposed filters to default checked in a form_alter… Any clues?

We've got two new articles up for new freelancers: How to make a UK freelancers invoice - - and to compliment it, a downloadable freelancers invoice tracking spreadsheet - - if you're about to start freelancing or just getting going, these should be a little help. Good luck getting going, you're in the hardest bit! #freelancing

The core security alert had me a bit panicked, luckily required workspace module to be enabled which I don’t use.

Have just launched two Drupal 8 sites last week so will probably be telling tales of my explorations of the Migrate module and how I wrote several migrate plugins.

If your in (or nearby) and do the Brighton Drupal Pub meet is tonight at 7pm in the Bath arms

Working out how to dymanically alter an image style in Drupal 8 depeding on other parts of the paragraph setting... Having to dive into entity hooks (thought this would all be in classes in 8).

Security Update for Drupal Core (8 and 7) is to do with PHAR file protection. (if i'm reading it right)

Solution if to use LocationMatch

<IfModule mod_security.c>
<LocationMatch "^/views/ajax(.*)">
SecFilterScanPOST Off

(also only need to turn of scan post (and may be able to turn off specific rules but need to check that).

Following has stopped working for mod_security and views conflict... :-( Trying to debug with fustration.

### Some rules are currently too strict and are blocking legitimate users
### We only disable it for URLs that contain the regex below
### The regex below should be placed between "m#" and "#"
<IfModule mod_security.c>
<If "%{REQUEST_URI} =~ m#/views/ajax#">
SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off

Should add to this that I'm Brighton based, though can travel and do remote...

In other news, I'm starting search for new work again after Easter... Either or the right perm. UK based, can do remote.

Mostly Full stack, know semantic HTML, CSS, JS and PHP / MySQL. preffered however worked on all sorts of frameworks and CMS in the past.

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