Todays weird Drupal error, which has just started appearing.

Notice: Undefined index: widget in Drupal\paragraphs\Plugin\Field\FieldWidget\InlineParagraphsWidget->massageFormValues() (line 1331 of modules/contrib/paragraphs/src/Plugin/Field/FieldWidget/InlineParagraphsWidget.php).

Link! Link! had to be that module that needs the update for D7

Drupal Security Bug is to do with Rest API
Update now available

Also remember to check Drupal 7 modules as thats not a core update, but modules that have moved into core.

Waiting for the Security update annoucement. Not many D8 sites to update (those are still in development) however the D7 effected contrib update has me a little worried. I suspect its something that was moved into core (Views?)

Composer says "Package phpunit/phpunit-mock-objects is abandoned, you should avoid using it. No replacement was suggested"

Any suggestions here?

Major security release for Drupal tomorrow.

Looks like Drupal 8 core only, though some D7 modules affected.

Critical Release - PSA-2019-02-19 |

Brighton Drupal people, the Brighton Pub Meet is tonight, 7:00 at the Bath Arms.

Currently trying to get my head around and how it handles configuration management, since when I import it deletes the staging configuration.

Hello, my on
I'm a Brighton based web developer. Mostly specialising in though I also do and can throw myself at most projects.
Alongside PHP I'm also currently learning and trying to understand what Gatsby JS is doing on a project i'm taking over.

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