Does any else read Lorem ipsum and feel like they are casting a spell.

Details of the next pub meet have been posted.

Also a chance to kickstart discussion on the future / rebooting the group, amid reports that it's 'dying'.

Debugging Cache expiration and purge in Drupal 8.

Got caught out by internal page cache and anon users (its the same cache for everyone).

at the skiff in Brighton for the Async international front end show and tell (pre ff conf which I don’t have tickets for so this is the next best thing).

However I'm looking forward to seeing how this project develops and the features that can be shared.

Excited to work on this, already have had some fixes integrated from Croydon devs (we both have the same base for our Drupal site, as several of the people who worked on it now work at Croydon).

Also the whole Nodes when its dev and Content in the UI is confusing. Drupal needs to choose one term and stick with it.

Todays task is to debug a Drupal DB update which is updating nodes date value, but keeps terminated when it gets to 50%

Could not apply patch! Skipping. The error was: Cannot apply patch

-- Composer being useful.


If you're a senior PHP dev and looking for a new gig (freelance or employed), DM me!

You would join me and a multinational team in an IoT project at in Berlin (or remotely with occasional travels).

Please retweet 🙏


To answer my own question, needed to include font-weight: 900; to get it to work.

Trying to work out what is wrong with this font awesome css. Why is the unicode icon not showing the right chevron?


Everybody loves you

Did you miss our Kickstarter campaign for "The Summer of Code"? It's not too late to join the party! We're working hard on the book these days :) So join us here =>


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