Today was a cursed day. But it looks like things will be fine in the end. Even if I won't be at the hotel before 1:30

Happy birthday @mwop! Hope you have a great day!

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Verse KINK MIXTIES online met nieuwe tracks van Sugar Candy Mountain, The Cou
rettes en Ty Segall, #Eurovision covers, Italo 60s Beat & ander spul, enjoy 😎


De rest:

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Putin should get a friggin' Nobel prize for forcing all of Europe to heavily invest in renewables.

OK. PHPday is next week in Verona, Italy. One of the greatest PHP conferences there currently is. If you want to attend and can make it to Verona next week, Ingewikkeld is giving away one ticket! Reply here or on Twitter ( We'll announce the winner on Monday.

good to see more and more people on here. 🎉

Tonight at 7:30PM CET the second Ingewikkeld Session starts, with Jaap van Otterdijk doing a Docker 101 session which will be interesting to those who've not yet worked with Docker, but also to those who already have experience with it.

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Here's a tip for using the federated timeline!

If you see something you don't like or there are too many posts from a user or instance, you can click to view a user profile and choose to mute or block any user. Then, leave a note to remember why.

You can also block an entire domain.

Finally, if someone is violating our local code of conduct, you may report the account, and our moderators will decide how to handle it.

(Apologies to @ericmann for using his profile as an example.)

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It's kings day today in The Netherlands. Long live the republic

After trying Amaroq and Mercury on iOS I think I've for now settled on Mast as my Mastodon client app

I can't put the rest of the herd on top anymore without having them fall down. May need to get the duplicates out of here

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