It's looking like I'll have to say goodbye to my current customer at the end of the month. That means I'll be available for a new project starting in april. If you need a developer/tech lead/coach/trainer for your project, please get in touch via!

So we're doing Comference again this year. We're looking for companies to sponsor the event. Let me know if you know any companies that would like to sponsor an online conference focussing on the leas discussed topics surrounding web development!

OK, so far it has been challenging a bit (I've died a few times) but I'm starting to enjoy this more than I expected

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OK, I'm on board the Valheim train as well. Not yet sure this game is for me, but let's give it some more time

Fun things are coming. You might want to subscribe to this newsletter:

Found out I was behind a bit on the DLC's for Prison Architect, so I now have a prison on an island with a wing for criminally insane prisoners

10 minutes from now I'll be streaming some house music on together with a friend of mine

Having said that, it was a bit odd to talk about our open source contributions. I usually like actions over words. But in this case, I quite enjoyed it.

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This was a fun talk to deliver. I'm not sure if I have ever been so happy after the first time I did a talk as with this one. Timing worked, the subject was interesting and the audience had great questions afterwards.

If a Ferenghi gets an ear piercing, do they call it a Negas Albert?

I wrote a bit about my holiday project with my son, creating a NAS with a Raspberry Pi:

OK, I was not prepared for the pi only supporting micro HDMI. It makes sense, but I was not prepared. Cable has been ordered, project will continue once it is in

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