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Wer hat Lust uns in Darmstadt zu besuchen um einen Talk zu halten? Wir suchen noch zwei Speaker für Mittwoch den 12.10. - schreibt uns doch einfach kurz 😉


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You are an expression of the Universe; the great engine of Creation.

You are not your job.

You are not your work.

You are not what you were.

You are, now.

And this is where You are, always.

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The SQL/JSON Path language allows to pick the last element of an array by using 'last' as the array subscript:

SELECT JSON_VALUE('["A", "B", "C"]', '$[last]') …

⇒ C

Now also supported by MariaDB 10.9 (a short-term support release).


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Many developers suggest you should just say no to YAML, but it’s not that easy, they never tell you if that should be no, ‘no’, “no”, [ “no” ], ...

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Das dümmste, was man machen kann, ist sich auf Arbeit den Ruf zu erarbeiten, Aufgaben schnell und gut zu erledigen.

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To put age into perspective: Grace Hopper first entered computing at age 38, completed the first compiler at age 46, influenced the design of COBOL at age 53, wrote COBOL for the Navy through her 70s, retired from the Navy aged 80 and *then* became a consultant for DEC(!) 😍

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I feel this. I was a horrible student but I never thought I was “stupid”…I just learned and engaged differently than public schools are designed.

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Wenn ihr ein Hilfspaket in die mit den kostenlos Labels verschickt, dann kauft bitte auch etwas Inhalt im Paketshop!

Die Einzelhändler*innen bekommen für die Paketannahme nämlich NICHTS von DHL für die Annahme und tragen die Kosten für Lagerung, Strom usw. selbst!

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Are you having adhesion issues with your 3D prints, even though you're cleaning your plate well with isopropyl alcohol? Have you tried washing the plate with dish soap? That worked like *magic* for me, I found out by chance.

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@davefarley77@twitter.com "the hard part of software development is not typing" - @WoodyZuill@twitter.com

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Let’s clear this up:
Scifi is how you describe your estimates.
Fantasy is how you made your estimates.

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Secondly, attendees: it might be tempting to join 'the line' after the talk has finished, but speakers don't generally prefer this way of Q&A. They have to gather their stuff and make way for the next speaker, and they've just finished a talk" They're a bit swamped.

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I woke up this morning to a news alert that our @GirlsWhoCode@twitter.com middle-grade book series was banned by some school districts as part of the Mom for Liberty effort to ban books. To be honest, I am so angry I cannot breathe.

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Paar sitzt mit Kindern im Hotel beim Frühstück. Er blickt nur leer auf sein Handy und isst. Ignoriert die Kinder. Sie jongliert die übellaunigen Kinder.

Das waren wir heute morgen. Mein Mann hat sich die ganze Nacht um die Kinder die nicht schlafen konnten gekümmert.

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The women of Afghanistan chant 'bread, work, freedom' - نان، کار، آزادی

The women of Iran now chant "woman, life, freedom' - زن، زندگی، آزادی

All they are asking for is their basic human rights.

Show your solidarity.

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I didn't expect that my first in-person talk after a long time would look like this.

The cat isn't dead... or is it? SELECT 'meow';

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SymfonyCon Disneyland Paris 2022: Schrödinger's SQL - The SQL inside the Doctrine box symfony.com/blog/symfonycon-di

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Zach Braff taught Elmo a new word 😂

(Scrubs Promo Outtake, 2009)

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