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With our German meetup 🇩🇪 getting closer and closer, It's time to shed some light on two more presentations! Which one are you more excited about?

👉 Register via Meetup: meetup.com/pl-PL/Sylius-German

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I hereby like to coin the term "Framework Imperialism". This can be used to describe the phenomenon that a framework takes something that's free (in the sense of independent, as well as created and maintained pro bono), and claims it as its own.

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Reminder that you can get some proper training for your neck with sidequestvr.com/app/6433 :D

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"I felt burnout from trying to keep the whole domain in my head. People were too dependent on me" @settling_mud@twitter.com at

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⛱️ We're sending three open source developers on vacation!

• Anywhere in the world
• All expenses paid
• Bring a plus one

We love OSS and wanted to give back to the community in a fun, unique, and tuple-y way.

Help us by nominating and voting!


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"Every time you don't give yourself unlimited access to your system - is a good time" 👏👏👏 @ksatirli@twitter.com

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jurassic park is the most realistic disaster movie series because every time, they have the same problem over and over again and nobody ever learns from it or tries anything a different way

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Am 30.06 haben wir den @heiglandreas@twitter.com beim Meetup zu Gast. Er wird uns alles über .phar Archive und deren Verteilungsmöglichkeiten erzählen. Interessant? Dann anmelden und vorbeikommen ow.ly/49bp50JmJFc

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You don't need a complex library to read or write CSV files. can do it for you.

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These anamorphic sculptures are by artist Matthieu Robert-Ortis. Called "Capitalism and The Age of Aquarius" and "Epigenetics", their shape changes according to your point of view [read more: buff.ly/3Qxwgcr]

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To me, a huge driver of success for an IT company is how well Product and Engineering are aligned, work side by side as equal partners and have each other's backs. How C-level management sets and supports this relationship makes a huge difference.

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PHP_CodeSniffer 3.7.1 has been released with a fix for methods and constants named empty, isset, and unset causing false positives for some sniffs: github.com/squizlabs/PHP_CodeS

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It doesn't matter how much you work when someone with a piece of paper and an nearly empty GitHub history is considered more valuable.

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What's stopping you from coding like this?

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"So teuer für nur zehn Minuten Arbeit?"

Bro, ich habe 20 Jahre Erfahrung, drei Jahre Ausbildung, zehntausende Übungsstunden und über 50 Weiterbildungsseminare hinter mir, damit das nur zehn Minuten dauert.

Du zahlst nicht für die zehn Minuten, du zahlst für den Rest.

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Am Wasserturm chillen ist diesen Sommer wohl nicht so angenehm erfrischend.

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