When you start to forget to write a <tr> for table rows and wonder why the table doesn't render properly, it's time to call it a day.

It's a bad time for a coffee machine to break. πŸ˜‘

Actually every time is a bad time for that.

US Twitter users let the hashtag trend on 4th of July and try to make the All Life Matters people experience their bad timing of their movement. Of course there's no lesson to learn for some "patriotic" accounts.

One of my elePHPants is still somewhere else because of Corona. I miss meeting PHPeople in person too.

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I only have two elephpants btw, how about you? Share a pic!

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Well, compared to other languages this is a unique kind of syntax for typing classes.

class Foo {}

const foo: { new(): Foo } = Foo;

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I changed my @linkedin@twitter.com avatar to include my toddler. Results after 2 months:

⬇️ 90% Recruiters for manager roles
⬇️ 100% Recruiters for senior leadership roles
⬇️ 100% Requests to join early startup or co-found a company

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The new HK nations security law should scare every person on the internet. That includes you and me. twitter.com/krislc/status/1278

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3 classes created yesterday. Now replaced by just one thanks to dependency injection. That de-escalated quickly.

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You don't need to be an expert in every language to have a successful career. Focus on learning what you enjoy doing the most. If you spend your days trying to improve a skill that you have no interest in learning, you're far more likely to burn out.

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After some second thoughts I've revisited a already finished feature and found out that it's unnecessarily complex in its class structure. There's still time left for a rewrite of that part. πŸ’ͺ

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Ich hinterfrage, warum Arbeiten und Engagement bis zur ErschΓΆpfung ein QualitΓ€tsmerkmal und (nur dies) der Anerkennung wert sein sollen.

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This question is designed as a test to weed out potential employees who have children, who are responsible for housework, who care for elders, who have hobbies outside of work, etc.

It's a clever way to only hire young white asocial men from [upper-]middle class backgrounds. twitter.com/MattWilsonCSS/stat

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parent: if all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?

machine learning model: yes

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What's YouTube?
What's a search bar?

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Pretend you’re 10 and I’m a YouTube search bar

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