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If you're recognize anything in this picture, you're in deep trouble. Get some help. Please.

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Meet the speakers of Online German Edition 2021 on April 16: @SenseException@twitter.com will talk about "Schrödinger's SQL - The SQL inside the Doctrine box"! Book your conference ticket now for the German conference 100% online live.symfony.com/2021-germany/

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The 2.8.3 release is now marked as insecure as per FriendsOfPHP/security-advisories - so that hopefully tooling will notify users to upgrade to 2.8.4


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I'm in the 2019 Facebook data leak whilst I "permanently" deleted my Facebook account in 2017. 👀

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RFC moved to Accepted Pending Implementation / Landing: Mysqli bind in execute wiki.php.net/rfc/mysqli_bind_i

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Today I heard one of the worst engineering takes to exist.

“Documentation shouldn’t be necessary if the engineers are competent in what they’re doing.”

No. Documentation is for future you, for new teammates, and for anyone who can’t memorize everything they ever do.

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Ok, SQL is actually really good. Perhaps I should have spent two days learning it before working on a company for ten years attempting to replace it 😁

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Konnte heute auf der Intensivstation live Corona-Erkrankte durch eine Glastür sehen. Ihr wollt dort nicht liegen.

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The problem is always the same: nobody wants to pay to test anything so they work on convincing the users that it’s their fault the system doesn’t work. twitter.com/shephardm/status/1

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Why are Sprints called Sprints? When running sprints, I run as fast as possible and then rest before the next one. In software development it’s just Sprint and then Sprint again, no rest or anything in between, just constantly going as fast as possible, doesn’t make sense to me.

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Open Source is the most interesting cultural peculiarity of the software industry. Engineers giving away billions in value often to for-profit corporations in exchange for credit & credibility.

It's unpaid internships on steroids except no one sees it as exploitation. Marvelous.

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Trigger warning: rape.

If you can, please watch the video, please listen to what @Daniel_Sloss@twitter.com is saying and please pass it on. twitter.com/annacollinson/stat

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When is the appropriate payback time for technical dept?

Answer: later.

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"Explain the difference between monolithic and microservice architecture like I'm five" twitter.com/MCFlashdance/statu

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You can empower the next engineer with ✨DOCUMENTATION✨

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Or just claim that documentation isn't needed because "the best documentation is code".

Don't rely on implementation details. Code isn't the same as acceptance criterias and documentation.

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You can empower the next engineer with ✨DOCUMENTATION✨

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