I have been improving my database of modules (notes, patches I use, things I think you need to be wary of etc.)


James Poniewozik on US midterms coverage:

“The news channel screens were drowning in underexplained numbers, like someone had run over an adding machine with a lawn mower.”


Awful lot of websites with disabled Google maps due to API key changes. Not sure who it makes look worse to the average user, agencies and their clients for not caring enough to notice or fix, or Google for deliberately breaking everything in the first place.

Other observations:

- v. nice products, but my existing Mini/Air still just fine for now

- curious how new iPad Pro design - thin, flat edges, looks so much like the (lovely) old iPhone SE and those before it.

I predict a smaller iPhone that's somewhere between SE and iPhone 6-8 size, maybe next year. (A key factor for me in phone selection is weight.)

- amusing how enthusiastic New York audiences are (they *must* have had some retail staff there, given the reception for Angela Ahrendts)

My thoughts on new MacBook Air: it's probably what the 13" Macbook Pro should have been (real function keys + touch ID, compact and lightweight). Though I've always thought a lot of people unnecessarily buy MacBook Pros.

Only downside of it seems to me (again) losing the SDXC slot, and technically 2x USB-C is one fewer port if you're simultaenously charging, as the old one had separate Magsafe (but by Apple's standards…)

They've done well to drive a retina screen *and* improve battery life.

New Mac Mini - what's been removed:

- infrared-receiver for Apple remote (there is the iOS Remote app, which replicates all features except sleep and can fully control iTunes, albeit a few seconds to startup)
- SDXC slot (not terribly surprising but annoying for photographers maybe - there's a £39 dongle)
- optical audio input (headphone socket still there) - though nowadays you'd almost always use a USB interface

…on the plus side, besides performance, 6 USB slots (2x USB-3, 4 xUSB-C) not 4.

Apple keynote Mac Mini prediction 

Will look the same. Probably back to quad-core again, SSD only (up to 2GB), max 32GB RAM, 4x USB-C, will lose firewire but will keep SDHC slot.

My 2012 maxed-out model is doing absolutely fine after 6 years - apart from a HDD failure, now using external SSD - but I avoid using Docker and just run LAMP/LEMP natively, for snappy load times - especially with Drupal - and much flatter activity monitor graphs.

My other “do you really need to buy/upgrade this piece of tech?” tip: compare the cost of the thing to how much content you could purchase for the same money, e.g. I could buy X books or see Y movies for that - which would I enjoy most?

I installed 1Blocker (now 1Blocker X) a few months back and, long story short, it made Safari browsing fast enough again to get rid of any desire to upgrade my iPhone 6s anytime soon (though, at almost 1000 charge cycles, it will be having its battery replaced shortly.)

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