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Looks like a lot ofpeople are confused/annoyed by Mastodon and many other Fediverse platforms not backfilling old posts when an account is followed.

This complete lack of backfilling means that many new accounts or those with few followers may appear completely blank, even if they've posted lots of interesting stuff.

If you agree and think Mastodon should backfill at least some posts when people follow an account, please give this issue a thumbs up:

If you're not comfortable using github, let me know and I can try to post on your behalf.

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Backfilling

This week, on Ukraine’s Independence Day, Europeans once again made it clear that their solidarity is unshaken.

In Brussels, the Manneken Pis wore the traditional Vyshyvanka to support the Ukrainians fighting for a free and independent future.


Kinda exciting to see some people from trying out GoToSocial. In the spirit of being honest + straightforward, I just wanna make it known to everyone that:

GoToSocial is still in ALPHA not even beta yet, so expect bugs. Many bugs! It’s constantly being patched and updated. Look at all these issues!

There’s lots of stuff missing still. Hashtags don’t work properly yet. Polls don’t work. You can’t upload videos. All that stuff is on the roadmap document, which you can read right here ->

Despite all that, it’s pretty neat software imo. It might be nowhere near finished but it’s already zippy and doesn’t use a lot of resources, and you can use it for day-to-day posting no problem.

SO! It’s awesome if you wanna try it out and help find + fix broken stuff, that’s the whole point of alpha after all 😎 But don’t expect a 1:1 smooth transition from Mastodon to GoToSocial, cuz that’s probably not gonna happen! If you have a low tolerance for jank and just want something that straight up works, you’re best off looking for other software at this point ;)

If you're starting a brand new account on a Fediverse server, it's not a good idea to post lots of content before you have followers.

The only people who can see your posts on the Fediverse are those on your server, those on other servers which have at least one person following you, or those who see your post shared.

If you post all your best content up front on a brand new account with no followers, no one outside your server will be able to see it. Even if they follow you later, the posts you made before that will not be visible to them, because Fedi platforms don't backfill old posts on accounts you follow.

It's much better to gradually add content as your follower numbers grow.

You only need one follower from a server in order for everyone on that server to see your post. Even if you only have a dozen followers, that's up to 12 other servers that can see what you post.

#Fediverse #Followers

(Sorry for repost, I phrased original post really badly!)

How often are you in the #Fediverse?
Please boost or share!

delightful fediverse apps

A curated list of applications for the Fediverse that are based on the ActivityPub protocol and related standards.

#fediverse #activitypub #protocol

Another Fediverse project currently under construction is Flockingbird, which aims to be a free open source professional social network, sort of like a federated alternative to LinkedIn.

You can follow the project at @flockingbird and the source code for its components is at

There's also an official website but it's just a placeholder at the moment:

#FlockingBird #Fediverse #ActivityPub #LinkedIn #Alternatives

If you want to hang out with us live for our 300th show, you can join us in Discord at We start recording 9pm Pacific
RT @johncongdon
Just four more hours until @phpugly #300. Wish we had something exciting planned, but it will be fun none-the-less.

OwnCast is a Fediverse livestreaming platform with built in chat, and is sort of a Fediverse alternative to Twitch.

You can follow the project itself at @owncast and find out more on the website at

You can follow OwnCast accounts from Mastodon etc and they will let you know in your feed when they go live.

Some good accounts to follow include (in no particular order):

@live - Live DJ sets, soulful house music

@jnktn_tv - Live DJ shows on Saturdays, lots of different music styles

@Hamish - Live streaming retro games, electronics projects, programming etc

@rstv - 24 hour streaming of weird retro films and TV

@hatnix - Linux gaming streams, usually in English but sometimes in German

@fedi - Monthly show by the Small Technology Foundation, promoting small scale privacy-friendly internet projects

@ozoned - Live streams about Linux and gaming

#OwnCast #Fediverse #LiveStreaming


If you want to create a new content type, you can use the usual Web Interface, but we like the thrill of discovery and not the comfort of the known way.


Firefox 104 has been released and includes a handful of new features, including an option to analyze the power usage of specific websites.

Hey y'all, I have a new video series covering web development topics with a bent towards "vanilla" tech (aka just using browser-native HTML, CSS, and JS) called—ironically—The Spicy Web!

First two videos are online, one about CSS Cascade Layers and the other about how to upgrade some messy JS code to a nice encapsulated web component!

Tonight we are illuminating our headquarters – the Berlaymont – in blue and yellow

🔵to celebrate Ukraine’s Independence Day
🟡to show our unwavering support & solidarity

Our message to our Ukrainian friends is clear: we’ll stand with you as long as it takes!


Published my guide for "10 Basic Steps to Digital Privacy". I'm pretty proud of this one and would welcome feedback!

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