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GO POLAND!!! We will win!!!

The #gpn19 is in full swing and the streams are live!

If you want to download video/audio of talks, here's a quick reminder that I wrote a little console tool called "sync3c" to automatically filter & sync talks from any #ccc event for you:


It's as easy as typing "sync3c -name gpn19" 😊


12. Steve Jobs offered Linus Torvalds a job in 2000, on the condition that he stopped development on Linux. Linus (thankfully) declined.

:linux: 😂 :rainbowapple:

homestead + zend expressive + deployer + laravel mix.
+ gitlab (CI with directly deployment to production) :elephpant:

Hi, maybe someone has a site where I could watch the Mr Robot episodes (with subtitles it would be great)?

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