Hello PHP community!

I would like to know what framework you use to build your applications in php? And why? Zf, Symfony? What do you think abour Laravel?

@swistak I normally go with Laravel for large projects, for small api's that are nothing more than a collection of routes and PSR-15 middle-ware libraries I use the PSR-7 nano framework Tuppence that I rolled myself and for cli tools I always go with the Symfony console app library.

What do you use to deploy on production? Do U use CI on GitLab or BitB?

@swistak I don't use GitLab currently although I used to at a previous employer. I now use GitHub with travis-ci and

@swistak it is a really useful tool for enforcing coding style guides. Not only does it highlight them but it also provides the ability to generate a pull request that fixes the issues found.

@swistak oh and at work for CI we use its pretty decent and a good self hosted alternative to something like travis-ci (I prefer travis but buildbot is decent)

Laravel here as well, lumen for the smaller things like APIs

@swistak I use mainly ZendExpressive these days. It's small, lightweight and allows me to use the components that do the job best. No matter whether for an API or a full stack site.

@swistak I use Drupal 8 for its object oriented approach and rich content modeling. With I can manage it with Composer. I deploy with Codeship Pro. I use for automating builds and tasks and Symfony custom cli tools with its console component

@swistak personally, I am a fan of the light weight no-frills nature of slim

@ADFF2F @Shawn_barratt HI ADFF2F! Symfony 4? Tried once previous version. It is very nice framework.

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