Any change in package in the interface should be treated as breaking change and the MAJOR version must be changed to a higher one. Please change my mind. :php: 🐘 🎼

Example -
1. make screen: screen
2. make an long command
3. detach from screen CTRL + a and click d
4. logout from server
5. login again to server
6. screen -r ID
7. see if your command has ended

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Have you ever run a very long command on a remote server, e.g. a database dump? And suddenly you got:

client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe

There is a SCREEN solution for this

- screen - creates a new screen (i.e. your console inside the console)
- screen -ls - shows previously created screens with their ID
- screen -
r ID - you come back to the previously created screen

Inside the screen CTRL + A + D - you exit the screen

more details man screen or DM

The new ubuntu 19.10 and popos 19.10 is here!
:ubuntu: , :popos ;p

Hi users!
Could you write about your motherboard for Amd Ryzen 7? I'm searching one that has no issues with linux.

I'm very proud that my company that I'm working in is one of sponsor of :php: conference in Poland PHPConPoland

Can't imagine coding without a gooood music. spotify play 🎵

I watched last night ...
I'm still stunned ...
I think the best movie from all MCU.

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