Hi users!
Could you write about your motherboard for Amd Ryzen 7? I'm searching one that has no issues with linux.

I'm very proud that my company that I'm working in is one of sponsor of :php: conference in Poland PHPConPoland twitter.com/PHPConPoland/statu

Can't imagine coding without a gooood music. spotify play 🎵

I watched last night ...
I'm still stunned ...
I think the best movie from all MCU.

<img src="http://localhost:19421/launch?action=join&confno=YOURID"/>

and you are connected. 🤦

var_dump(0.1 + 0.2 - 0.3);
:php: :elephpant:

4. Ready shops or other systems where you can view ready-made solutions: SYLUS
5. Deployemnt for production [dedicated server, AWS, etc]
6. It’s hard for me to stick to something;)

2. It was on the slides that SF4 is faster than expressive [if I find the presentation, I will show entries] - the colleague compared on his computer locally and in fact SF4 was faster to load (skeleton application).
A very large community with support and problems already solved that can be encountered while building applications [slack, form etc].

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