Finally developers who forget where they left their 'dd' command won't need to put on a fedora and grab their whip to track it down.

I mean that isn't something I've ever had to, but I hear some developers out there do. 😳😬
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Beginning with today's Laravel release, "dd" will now show you where it was invoked from. No more hunting down rogue dumps. 🕵️

Thanks @enunomaduro!

Hey, I'm going to be hanging out with the Artisan Aussie himself @michaeldyrynda tomorrow and chatting about Value Objects in PHP. Be sure to drop by.

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We are very excited to announce that Blind Earlier Bird Tickets for php[tek]2023 are now on sale. Hope to see you all there.

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Check out @scottkeckwarren latest video "Writing Cleaner More Resilient Code With Value Objects"

Consider subscribing to our YouTube channel if you haven't already and get notifications when we upload new videos.

🤣To my @Laravel (and PHP) Friends out there, @ThePrimeagen letting us know he does follow PHP even though he might not admit it in the open. Read between the relative line numbers, he's joking out loud but secretly saying "I am with you" cc/ @taylorotwell

I would love to have a @Android auto sort of device that I could have on my desk. A docking station with a small touch screen, speaker, and mic. Take calls, play music, check calendar.
Does anyone know of any device like this? If not can someone please build one?

Does anyone know if @jetbrains has Vim mode yet or the ability to install a plugin with Vim mode? I really want to give it some honest time to try and use it but I just can't without my Vim motions.

Side note, it's kind of crazy how crippled I feel without Vim motions. ,

I feel like I am abusing the concept of Singleton Controllers but since I've been working on the Event Sourcing project that is all I've been writing and I don't see myself going back to multipurpose controllers. I literally just wrote 4 controllers that just return a simple json

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I can't believe it's been a year, but @shocm and I have officially released 12 issues of @phparch together. We officially took over operations on Oct 1 last year, but there was still so much happening prior to that date.

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PHP doesn't scale?
Laravel WebSockets v2 😎

My geek friends who are fans of Silicon Valley should appreciate this approach. "middle out" 4 life
I am sick and tired of trickle-down economics. It has never worked.

We're building an economy from the bottom up and middle out.

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Just a reminder to our readers, @LaraconOnline will be happening this Wednesday (Sept 14th) and will be free. Make sure you mark your calendar.

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Laracon Online is on Wednesday.

Laravel Bootcamp 🥾
Laravel Precognition 🧠
Laravel Vapor Sandbox ☁️

Another great video from @scottkeckwarren Deploying Our Code With Deployer 7 0

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