Got a limited print for Xmas last year of one of my favorite paintings from one of my favorite artist @NaimaRauam. Finally got it framed and back, now I need to decide where to hang it.

After using only Linux for the past 6 months, I can say without question I'm not a fan of Flatpaks. Like the concept, but
- Size of packages are crazy big.
- Permissions issues
- Applications with plugin systems seem to struggle. Looking at you OBS.

🤣 @architech99 I wonder how long it took the writers to understand everything they were writing about in that skit. So funny.. Hey @RealRideout you are going to appreciate this.
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@shocm I think you can appreciate this one. 😆😂🤣

That's right, asking the hard-hitting questions. Someone inform the Pulitzer committee
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“I am curious since Zend is Enterprise focused, what are your thoughts and opinions on certifications for PHP and the various PHP Platforms?” -@shocm

If you're one of those gas stations that have the pumps that run commercials as you fill up your car, consider putting a volume button somewhere or better yet mute. Don't feel like listening to a gas pump scream at me at 6:00 in the morning how much your Red Bulls cost

Had such a crazy week, with some highs and some major lows. The biggest thing occupying my mental state this week is the fact I had to say goodbye to my closes companion, Yaz the Dog, my office manager, and best buddy. He will be missed.

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.@phpugly is getting serious !

PostMortem on the PHP security issue of last week with @shocm
@johncongdon @RealRideout @omerida @EricMann &

Very insightfull !!
Thanks guys

So this just happened at the end of us recording @phpugly this week. If it's legit, I know the image is rough, but if legit @harrymack freakin dipped into our chat. I am hoping to get some confirmation it was for real.

We're asking any PHP Podcasters who would like to add this to their stream to please do so. Files can be grabbed here:

cc/ @PHPIntNews @elephpant @northsouthaudio @laravelnews @official_php @PHPTownHall

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A few of us, including Sara Golemon from Internals, got together to discuss the recent security issues around PHP Core.
That can be found here:

This was such a wonderful interview. It was such a pleasure speaking with @jucycabrera. She has a new fan in me, looking for to her next article
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Our interview episode for March is out - listen to an interview with @jucycabrera here:

This is interesting and I think has a bigger impact than a lot of the typical consumers understand. @system76 role in the "Right-to-Repair" Bill hearings that are happening in Colorado

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