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If you benefit from some content someone created for free, let them know. I don’t care about “the algorithm;” send them an email if you like to get around that.

I’ve been privileged enough to have a number of people let me know that stuff I’ve created has been helpful. Up until this month all of it has been free, done just to help out. So it’s nice to know that it does!

And that feedback can also help them decide which topics to focus their efforts on.

New PHPRoundtable will be live-streamed this Saturday, and it's shaping up to be our most exciting panel yet. We'll be talking about the state of PHP User Groups worldwide with some of the top UG Organizers. Mark your calendar and join us live.

If you have a feature you’d like considered for PHP 8.2 & you haven’t opened discussion on the RFC, you have until 23:59:59 on June 21st (today/tomorrow!) to open discussion. That will give the requisite time for discussion & voting before feature freeze.

The Midsummer Lands – Hex Map 2

This hexmap sits just north of the last one and focuses on the area around Great Elven Lake, and the cities of Gatherstone and Faewall.

Came back from a short vacation with the family just in time to welcome a new to the herd.
Thanks Fabian for the organization🥳

Check out the new homepage “hero” design on, thanks to @lhs_azevedo!

Putting this out here first — I am looking to pick up 10-15 hours A week of consulting work. People on here know my skills, hit me up if you want to talk

I think it’d be entertaining to learn about conspiracy theories related to large low-shear-velocity provinces. Are there any?

🎉 PHP 8.2.0alpha1 is available for testing!

This is a very initial preview for PHP 8.2.

➕ Do: Test your projects!

➖ Don't: Run it in production. It's not fully ready yet.

🔗 See for what's new

📸 by @heiglandreas

📆 We have released PHP 7.4.30 and 8.1.7! (8.0.20 to follow later today)

🪲 ❗ This is a security and bug fix release.

🔗 See for more information

🆙 Please upgrade!

I just heard from someone who has built a career on teaching testing and TDD, and a lot of it is because they saw @grmpyprogrammer give a talk at (probably over a decade ago?).

It’s stories like this that drive me to organize user groups!

If a user group helped you get to where you are today, look up the organizers and thank them. It’ll make their day.

If you write #PHP along with #React, you can also get my React TDD book bundled with the PHP Testing and TDD book by @grmpyprogrammer !

Honored to be bundled with him as he is one of the people who helped me get my start in testing.

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My son shared this with me. Normally, I don’t read the comments, but they’re glorious in this.

New HTTP core specs - the four of the new RFCs that I will probably refer to the most going forward

This probably shouldn’t bother me too much, but I just found someone’s fork of an old open source library I wrote, and their first commit was “re-author library” in which they removed all mention of me and my license, replacing it with their own. I’m not mad, just disappointed.

Hey, folks! Check it out: the first alpha version of PHP 8.2.0 drops this Thursday, along with point releases for 8.1.7 and 8.0.20.

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