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LOL. CNNIC is a trusted root in all browsers. China can use CNNIC root to man in the middle all TLS traffic.

Shit is jokes, my friend.
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“According to Jenny Wong at WordCamp US, is committed to dropping 5 support by the end of 2019. She also says that the team could aim for a minimum of PHP 7.2 by the end of 2019.”

Where are the D&D tooters? I want to follow some.

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I’ve got some cool shortcodes for PHP frameworks and CMSes. Let me know if I’m missing your favorite framework or CMS, and I’ll try to add it.

:cakephp: :codeigniter: :drupal: :drupal8: :joomla: :laravel: :slimphp: :symfony: :typo3: :wordpress: :yii: :zend: :zendfw:

The highest-rated whiskies and distilleries on (compared to the most checked-in liquors) appear to trend toward the American bourbon/rye style, which tells me these are either really excellent whiskies, or the American users (myself included) of the site are indiscriminate raters of whiskey. I’ll wager the latter. 😉 /cc @derickr

Hey, the moon went away for a bit, but it’s back now, so all is well. Whew!

Is anyone else bothered by Phil Mickelson’s fake daughter Enbrel commercial? It’s an “actor portrayal and fictionalized account.”

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“Hunt warned the primary use […] is ‘credential stuffing’ attacks […]. ‘People take lists like these that contain our email addresses and passwords then they attempt to see where else they work,’ he said.”

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Thanks, Katie and Ade at, for 300 information-packed issues. Here’s to 300 more!

It’s amazing how the muscle-memory is still there for playing guitar, and it’s been about 15 years since I’ve played. The muscle strength and calluses are building up, but my fingers know exactly where to go and how to get there.

Technical discussions with project maintainers on Mastodon are the best.

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@brainblasted @alcinnz @aral @neoncipher @mjog @bob sorry for all the @‘s; this has been bothering me.

1. services (e.g. hosting) cost money
2. contributors to OSS should be paid
3. many horrible corporations are built on top of OSS
4. these corporations are told they “owe” the OSS projects they’ve leveraged
5. some of them write checks to “support” the thing that helped them generate profit
6. if the OSS project takes the money, their morals have been compromised

how does this make sense?

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It's 2019. Stop top-posting in email please. Reply to the bits that you mean to and keep it short.

AKA stop letting Google tell you how to communicate.

US Politics 

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