To date, there have been at least 835 PHP RFCs created on the PHP wiki. Not all of these have been brought to the mailing list for discussion or voting.

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I met Pope Francis at the Vatican yesterday and told him, “I’m one of the PHP 8.1 release managers.” To which he replied, “PHP is a fractal of bad design, my son.”

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IBM’s ZendCon ‘06 party from ages ago. @pollita is featured between two actors hired as pirates for the party theme. Good times!

I met Pope Francis at the Vatican yesterday and told him, “I’m one of the PHP 8.1 release managers.” To which he replied, “PHP is a fractal of bad design, my son.”

The last beta release of 8.1.0 (Beta 3) is now available for testing. Check it out, and please help us test it. Submit bugs here:

The first release candidate is scheduled in two weeks for 2 Sep 2021.

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Have you taken your seat at the PHP Roundtable?

IT'S BACK! After a nearly 3 year hiatus, PHP Roundtable returns!

Episode 82:

Dramatic Elephpant:

@Acer @SpikeHitman I think we were specifically talking about a shared blocklist that updates everyone’s account who is using it, so one person/entity controls it, and everyone using it gets the updates.

@Acer @SpikeHitman There have been a few problems with central blocklist services (for Twitter, in particular) where someone else gained ownership of the blocklist and started blocking others they didn't like or approve of. This, in turn, caused everyone using that blocklist to start blocking the same people, which caused many folks to assume they were bigots.

If you're getting errors building today due to install-pear-nozlib.phar, never fear. @ashnazg is on the case! A new release of the PEAR installer will be out soon.

Thank you to @shivammathur for catching this and providing a patch!

For background, when building PHP from source, it downloads and runs the PEAR installer, which was where the error was coming from.

And, yes, the PEAR installer is still required if you want to use the `pecl` command. 😁

@Albright No matter which you choose, always use UTC as the base time for your apps. Only convert to a different time zone closer to the front end.

I released PHP Library Starter Kit version 3.0 today! I'm really proud of this. I hope it empowers you to start making cool PHP libraries and tools.

To get started with it, enter the following:

composer create-project ramsey/php-library-starter-kit YOUR-PROJECT-NAME

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Thanks to the generous help of the previous owner of the mastodon username on GitHub, our GitHub organization has finally been renamed to mastodon! 🎉

I know that changing the repository URL is a bother but I think it’s worth it and better done sooner than later. Tootsuite was not serious and had no connection to our actual name.

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Also since Mastodon gGmbH is a real legal entity now and I am its CEO I am actually the CEO of Mastodon now. Sorry for ruining the jokes.

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@danjones000 I’ve got a dual boot with Ubuntu. I don’t remember having to do anything special with drivers, etc. i use it to control a 3D printer.

@kev @danjones000 I have the same complaints about both Windows and Linux as desktop OSes, which is why I use macOS. It doesn’t really matter to me what others use, as long as they’re using the OS they feel makes them the most productive. A good OS should help you do things quicker, and the answer to what’s “good” is different for everyone.

@kev But, but… this was supposed to be the Year of Linux on the Desktop.

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In other words: GitHub, stop laundering copyright. If you trained Copilot on GPL code, you are obliged to release that derived product as GPL. If you trained it on MPL code, you are in violation of that license.

@Albright I get these all the time. If your email address is associated with any commits in public repos, it’s pretty easy to crawl for them. I’ve even written it a script to do this (I never did anything with the data—just trying to see what I could get).

@Gargron Thanks! I thought I had done that, but I guess I didn't. It's working now. 👍

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