Don't forget to join us tomorrow for a live stream. The panel will include,,,,,, @pollita, and The topic will be PHP User Groups

How are folks doing on the Fediverse today, uspol notwithstanding?

@shochdoerfer @Skoop Haha! It doesn't hurt that bad. I just wish I could have been a part of it.

@Skoop @shochdoerfer I wanted to be in that meeting, but I was told I couldn't join because I didn't represent a framework. After 13 years, I'm still hurt by that. I need to get over it.

OH: “It’s appropriate that the rails symbol is an eldritch tentacle reaching out from the unknown depths. Upgrading rails? Take 1d10 sanity damage.”

@heiglandreas is this what you’re referring to?

When/where are you giving your talk? I looked into composer-distributor in the past, but there was something I couldn’t get working at the time (I can’t remember what), and I’d love to see a talk on it.

@heiglandreas @grmpyprogrammer @shochdoerfer It might be a good practice because it separates concerns, but separating concerns, IMO, does not lead to a good developer experience. Most PHP devs use Composer. Few use Phive, and understanding the difference between the two seems to be a cognitive leap that many aren’t willing to take.

@heiglandreas @grmpyprogrammer @shochdoerfer Phive is a great idea, but being outside of the Composer ecosystem, it’s bad DX.

@heiglandreas @grmpyprogrammer @shochdoerfer Except then you have to ask your users to install phive and run an extra command.

@grmpyprogrammer @shochdoerfer @heiglandreas This is very close to a solution I’ve been looking for to reduce dependency conflicts in my developer tooling packages. It might also be a good solution for projects like Captain Hook, etc. 😁

@grmpyprogrammer @shochdoerfer @heiglandreas So, from that, it technically has zero dependencies to the person installing it. It’s built-in dependencies will not cause any conflicts with your other project dependencies.

@grmpyprogrammer @shochdoerfer @heiglandreas I just did a dive through the code, and I understand what’s meant by zero dependency, now. When you run `composer require laravel/pint`, it will not add any other packages to your composer.lock file. Everything it needs is included in the built phar file that ships with it. In fact, you really don’t need the rest of the source that gets downloaded into the vendor directory. You only need what’s in the package’s builds directory.

From birdsite 

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Reminder to keep including your depressed pals, even if you think they may bail/decline.

The invitation still means a lot.

If you benefit from some content someone created for free, let them know. I don’t care about “the algorithm;” send them an email if you like to get around that.

I’ve been privileged enough to have a number of people let me know that stuff I’ve created has been helpful. Up until this month all of it has been free, done just to help out. So it’s nice to know that it does!

And that feedback can also help them decide which topics to focus their efforts on.

@mwop I can’t find any documentation specific to Open Graph, but there is an API request that represents a card:

@Gargron, can you point us in the right direction?

New PHPRoundtable will be live-streamed this Saturday, and it's shaping up to be our most exciting panel yet. We'll be talking about the state of PHP User Groups worldwide with some of the top UG Organizers. Mark your calendar and join us live.

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