@datawench She lived to be 97 and died of natual causes in her sleep. The best way to go, really.

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I've said this before: curate your own experience.

Unfollow people, turn of boosts from certain people, make lists of that's your thing, follow hashtags, mute & block liberally.

You do not owe anyone your time nor energy.

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‪Cadd9 is the sweetest chord of all. Don’t @ me.‬

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@sophia I just looked it up in Urban Dictionary, after eating dinner. Thanks.

@mcg @dshafik @JPEG I used Mast all day yesterday and switched to Toot! when it kept crashing on launch. I’m patient, though. I really like the design and functionality of Mast, so I’m not ditching it. :-)

There are several reasons I moved away from . One of them was because their founder and CEO (at the time) likes to hunt and kill elephpants: mashable.com/2011/03/31/bob-pa

Another reason I left was due to their sexist and sexualized ad campaigns.

About six years ago, I moved all my domains from to . I haven’t regretted it. I highly recommend them.

If you’re still on GoDaddy, you should move to a registrar that doesn’t do shady (and perhaps illegal) things.



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@dansup Even if you have no intention of working with them, it’s still got to feel pretty good to have them contacting you. :-)

@mike For me, Apple is that good middle-ground of “I want a true Unix, but I don’t want to shave yaks all day to do tasks that my desktop environment should make easy for me.”

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@ramsey yes I want a star trek spin-off about keiko and her botanist pals as they go from planet to planet conducting surveys, except it's not narrative, it's presented in a format like a PBS science show

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