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Hey, folks! Check it out: the first alpha version of PHP 8.2.0 drops this Thursday, along with point releases for 8.1.7 and 8.0.20.

Over on bird site, someone asked me:

“[In ,] Should we use ValueError instead of UnexpectedValueException now?”

This seems like a common question, so I’ll also share my response here…

Are there any use cases for modifying properties on tidyNode in ?

There's a PR for PHP 8.2 that makes them read-only. There's no point in modifying the properties, so I don't think this BC break will affect anyone, but if it affects you, speak up.

For , I set up some new chat channels to replace the defunct one on Freenode IRC. The channels are bridged between Libera IRC, Matrix, and Discord, so join whichever you prefer.

Find the links under the "Join us on..." menu item here:

I'm not taking over the project by any means. This is my way of encouraging others to take up the torch and make it thrive. 🙂

I just did `brew upgrade php@8.1`, and it installed 8.1.6. 🎉 :php: :elephpant:

I’m experiencing a little bit of FOMO related to using Mastodon instead of any of the other ActivityPub implementations.

Like, for example, is written in , so that might have been cool to use for

Nonetheless, Mastodon seems to have a growing and vibrant community around it.

The last beta release of 8.1.0 (Beta 3) is now available for testing. Check it out, and please help us test it. Submit bugs here:

The first release candidate is scheduled in two weeks for 2 Sep 2021.

If you're getting errors building today due to install-pear-nozlib.phar, never fear. @ashnazg is on the case! A new release of the PEAR installer will be out soon.

Thank you to @shivammathur for catching this and providing a patch!

For background, when building PHP from source, it downloads and runs the PEAR installer, which was where the error was coming from.

And, yes, the PEAR installer is still required if you want to use the `pecl` command. 😁

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