@JPEG For reference, here is the behavior I see. The only thing I did before it started doing this was to add a second account, which was also on the same instance as the first account I added. Both accounts are on this phpc.social instance.

Earlier this morning, it was crashing like this, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it.

Here I am with my new travel guitar and tiny, 1-watt Marshall amp to go with it (I plug in headphones). It’s perfect for practicing in hotel rooms.

The highest-rated whiskies and distilleries on Dram.io (compared to the most checked-in liquors) appear to trend toward the American bourbon/rye style, which tells me these are either really excellent whiskies, or the American users (myself included) of the site are indiscriminate raters of whiskey. I’ll wager the latter. 😉 /cc @derickr

Sometimes, I look at these numbers, and it just boggles my mind.

Medium has taken to a subscription model? This is the first time I’ve ever seen this notice.

I’m curious to know what positive noises he’s been making.

So many missed opportunities to play on the word “wyrm” in this Facebook ad.

Joker movie 

Wow. This is amazing. Linus recognizes his lack of empathy, apologizes for his behavior, and vows to be better. This is huge not only for the Linux Kernel community but for the all of open source. I hope this has a positive impact on all open source communities.


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