Check out the new homepage “hero” design on, thanks to @lhs_azevedo!

At least it’s not a floppy disk?

Something about this mailer feels very creepy.

Nice misspelling! 😆

Back in the early days (~2004), @phparch magazine consistently misspelled my name as “Ramsay,” but they always got the link to my website “benramsey dot com” correct. 😂

@bookwyrm I have quite a few books that failed to import properly from my Goodreads CSV file. Some of the suggestions are quite funny (see attached). I'm rejecting most of the suggestions, but if I add the books, can I re-import to have it suggest the new books I've added? In other words, what's the best way to preserve my reviews and reading history for these books, short of manually entering all of them?

IBM’s ZendCon ‘06 party from ages ago. @pollita is featured between two actors hired as pirates for the party theme. Good times!

COVID-19 metrics 

Daily hospitalized and deaths are sharply increasing. 😢

Tim Cook: “If we accept as normal and unavoidable that everything in our lives can be aggregated, sold, or even leaked in the event of a hack, then we lose so much more than data. We lose the freedom to be human.”

“There is no one right way to do APIs. Sure, there are many different processes, practices, & tools that can help you optimize your API operations, but despite popular belief, there is no single ‘right way’ to define, design, provide, or consume APIs.”

@JPEG For reference, here is the behavior I see. The only thing I did before it started doing this was to add a second account, which was also on the same instance as the first account I added. Both accounts are on this instance.

Earlier this morning, it was crashing like this, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it.

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Here I am with my new travel guitar and tiny, 1-watt Marshall amp to go with it (I plug in headphones). It’s perfect for practicing in hotel rooms.

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