Is there a way to mute just a particular posting client on Mastodon? I want to mute everything from Mastodon Twitter Crossposter.

@ramsey you could possibly find a phrase that most use and filter it? or something like that?

@gingerrroot Most of these don't have the word "Twitter" in the posts. I thought it might be interesting to try muting the phrase "Mastodon Twitter Crossposter," but it looks like the muting functionality doesn't consider the client name.

@ramsey Right there with you -- got an example of a post that's bothering you? You can DM it so it doesn't show up in this thread and bother anyone else too. :p

@mdm The posts’ contents aren’t bothering me, but many of these folks don’t respond here, so they’re not engaging. They’ve just forgotten that Mastodon is even here and that their posts are showing up here.

@ramsey This is a good point -- if these accounts aren't monitored and don't respond, then that definitely sounds like they should be classified as "bots". And I know Mastodon has ways to block bots.

@mdm I know that I can mute or block the accounts. I don’t really want to do that, in case these people begin actually engaging on Mastodon.

@ramsey As far as I know there's currently no way in mastodon clients to mute by source client, because this information is not federated, but there is two issues related: and

@ramsey @renatolond OK, but is there any configuration the users can do to make it easier to filter out these toots?

@aldonogueira @ramsey @renatolond the person running the bridge can configure it various ways, such as to always add a “From Twitter” CW

@chucker @aldonogueira @renatolond That doesn’t help instance maintainers who want to mute just those toots and not others from these users.

@ramsey @aldonogueira @renatolond yeah, I don’t know what could be done about that. As someone who uses the bridge, but far from exclusively, I sympathize with the conundrum.

@ramsey if the problem is on instance level, there's a new crossposter feature that's going to be available soon that allows admins to configure how the crossposter is allowed (only unlisted, no retweets, etc)

@chucker @aldonogueira

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