I just realized that there is no single legal way to stream Game of Thrones in Portugal. In fact, no HBO recent shows are available for legal streaming in Portugal.


@hugo It’s like they want to encourage piracy.

@hugo @ramsey Or maybe there is nobody in Portugal who wants to pay the money for the streaming license, because they know nobody will watch it through their site x)

@MoreEndless @hugo @ramsey naaaa... They can look at the Netflix numbers and see there is a market for paying for it.

@eloisa @hugo @ramsey I swear last time I heard about Netflix Portugal they are complaining about the lack of interest of the portuguese in their service

@MoreEndless @hugo @ramsey companies will always be bitching about their sales. Pfft! I can see it from my housemates. They all have Netflix!

@eloisa @MoreEndless @ramsey according to Statista 27M in 2019 is expected: statista.com/statistics/612023
I would say they will get to 250k subscriptions by 2019 if those numbers are right.

@eloisa @MoreEndless @ramsey
but HBO Go is like
netflix for HBO series, they own it and decided to sell exclusive rights to SyFy (without streaming) for Portugal and not make HBO Go available in Portugal.
I seriously doubt they couldn't make more money by allowing HBO Go in Portugal and even if they sold the rights for SyFy without "exclusive" for less, I say they would end up making more.

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