Alleged web developer confused by URLs, wonders if a prototype is the counterpart of an electrotype.

Seriously though, is there a polite way to say " exists for the purposes of prototyping"?

Or should I stick with my go-to response: Sir, this is an Arby's™.

Ignoring the actual content and the fact that PHP 8 runs 5.6 procedural code just fine (unless it's broken code that needs fixing anyway), the part that caught my attention was the subject line and salutation.

There's something kind of adorable about him thinking that PHP is a 1-man effort and Rasmus is just sitting at home banging away on it all by himself.

Hi! I write for a living, that's why I'm including a grammatical error in my opening paragraph!

I have so many questions that I'm actually inclined to reply.


If you're going to swear, at least use clever curses. Any douchebag enema can call someone a fucking cocksucker.

I recommend taking a deep breath, and projecting from the diaphragm.

Me: Researching new PHP Fibers feature for a talk.

Google: Did you mean this chemical manufacturer in Alabama?

Working on conference slides... I promise no Elephpants were harmed in the making of this photo.

Hahahahahaha.... has Asimov's laws of robots in it. What a fun day this is turning into.

Some days, I'll be wandering around the project and find nuggets like this:

Our favicon is 18 years old and not one god damn person is wasting time on trying to replace it.

Me: Wandering through PHP's website code, updating some patterns to modern syntax.

PHP website: Not actually on 8.0 yet.


Reassembling my workspace in the brand new bedroom I've built out in my basement. The office managers have reported for duty and are watching over me intently.

Discussing partial function application over the past week:

This one even got my wife laughing out loud.

There's too much text to put it in the mouse over, so I've pasted it to gist for the screen reader inclined.

As always, identities have been changed to protect the stupid.

This one is pretty sus.
I say we vote them out an airlock before anyone else gets hurt.

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