I'm not sure what he *thinks* the percent symbol is meant to do, but I know that 10%6 isn't supposed to produce the string "1/4".

@pollita "but don't worry, I solved it" gods bless them and their confidence

@pollita This gent is going to be right pissed when he encounters other languages "doing it wrong".

@pollita Perhaps this gent is trying to alter the 3/5's compromise to only be the 1/4 compromise.

Whatever he's doing, I think math disapproves. 😁

@craigmaloney Related: There are a number of banks around here named "Fifth-Third Bank" and it's expressed in branding as "5/3 Bank".

This has always irritated me, for obvious reasons. I assumed it was to about the implications of the 3/5 compromise... Nope. Booze bothered people more than slavery.

@saramg I always wondered where that name came from. And yes, it would figure, wouldn't it? 😲

@craigmaloney @pollita The only thing I can figure is they think it should be producing a fraction, but if that's the case, 1/4 is totally wrong in both of their examples.

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