The last episode of season 2 was finally really good, with a few awesome surprises.

episode 1 was amazing! Anson Mount is perfect in the role as Pike. I’m looking forward to the rest of this season.

@ramsey Glad to know I'm not the only one who'd come away with the same opinions.

@ericmann Maybe my expectations are lower than others or I’m just happy to go along for the ride with characters I love, but I’m generally entertained by all the new series. I’m able to separate opinions and inconsistencies from my enjoyment of the stories.

@ramsey Being disappointed in how a certain character or scenario turned out doesn't limit my ability to enjoy the overall story. I've been absolutely thrilled about all the new series. Even Lower Decks has been pretty fun in an odd kind of way.


@ericmann @ramsey Discovery has consistently.... confused me by its choice of direction, but that hasn't kept me from enjoying it. Trek is my jam. I will always be here for Trek.

Lower Decks is... not the style of humor I look for generally, but the little references and easter eggs make up for that. Plus, I loved Orville (which was a love letter to Trek) despite similar humor, so I ain't that fancy.

@pollita @ramsey Honestly, hearing Tom Paris (even as a cartoon) again made LD worth it for me. Was perhaps my fav Voyager character.

And the Orville is amazing in its own way, too :-) But definitely Trek. Will always be in for Trek.

@ericmann @ramsey Paris always held such promise since we don't generally see actual convicted criminals (and how they're treated by 24th century Earth). His intro which showed a rehabilitation focused corrections system set up some world building
and later intersected the Maqui in interesting ways.

I think they didn't quite deliver on that promise long-term well enough, and we shall not speak of the transwarp episode, but he was fun enough.

Now... Harry Kim is underrated.

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