If I ran a kickstarter (or similar) campaign to create a .php top-level domain registrar (Filing fee is $185,000 and there's $25,000+ per year in additional costs, not to mention running the infra), would you contribute?

Possible domain names:

index.php // All the trollings
fuck.php // We've all felt it
love.php // We feel this too
runs.php // See also: The web

And yes. I know this is a terrible idea. There's no way we could keep up with the annual costs, no matter how lolsy some of these names are.

@pollita Not that I have any money, but just to be involved -- yes, I'd increase my debt faster for that.


@pollita I love this idea, and I would definitely buy a .php domain, were it available, but no, I wouldn’t donate to the Kickstarter, because I know it wouldn’t happen, and wouldn’t stick around, due to the crazy cost.

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