When a Window closes, look for a door:

"""We are not, however, going to be supporting PHP for Windows in any capacity for version 8.0 and beyond."""

@pollita Windows embeds a GNU Linux environment now, doesn't it?
Php could be executed in this env, maybe

@jpfox WSL2 is a possible exit. I think more likely will simply be moving windows builds to be an "in house" production rather than out-sourcing it to Redmond.

@pollita I didn't know that Microsoft was in charge of Win versions of PHP. I prefer you grab this charge if it is possible 😊
Thanks for your great work, I write php source code every day !

@pollita @jpfox I doubt that. Not enough people care enough to pick that huge task up.

@derickr @jpfox Is it really such a huge task? I ask that while not volunteering to be the one to do it, but surely there are folks who have enough expertise to get things going.

@pollita @jpfox Maybe not huge, but certainly not pleasant. I've had Christopher set up Xdebug's AppVeyor builds. It would have cost me weeks to conjure up that configuration.

Their box also builds all the PECL binaries for each of their releases against each supported PHP version.

@derickr @jpfox Right, but that infrastructure and expertise doesn't vanish. cmb@ and ab@ should be more than qualified if they're willing*.

* And not forbidden to by MS, which would surprise me.

@johmanx10 The google translate of that sounds pretty accurate. 👍
Thanks for the heads up!

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