PHP question: It looks like it's possible to "use", and therefore alias, a namespaced constant. Is there any way to do the same thing with a namespaced class constant?

It's not exactly a "use", but it would seem to accomplish what you're looking for.


@kboyd Ignore the eval() part of that, btw. It's just an artifact of trying to do it all in one file.

@pollita Hmm. I guess that's about the same as what I saw (using a temp variable to store the constant's value). Was mostly hoping there was a convenient way to avoid the temp variable.

@pollita Sorry, I didn't provide full context (since it was just some code I was glancing at). I wanted to replace a temporary variable inside a method that was storing a deeply-namespaced class constant's value, with a use statement & alias. The temporary variable only exists because it's more readable than the full reference to the class constant.

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