It's been awhile but we have people back at the table again. Hoping to be more of a regular thing schedule now. This month I am joined by Sara Golemon (@pollita),, and and we talk about the current state of PHP.

@phproundtable @pollita woohoo! Just finished listening to the episode. It's off to a good start! :)

@phproundtable pssst... @joepferguson and @ramsey are on Mastodon as well. You don't have to resort to their walled garden addresses.

@pollita @phproundtable @joepferguson It’s the way he mentioned us on Twitter, and it’s set up to autopost from Twitter to Mastodon.

@ramsey @phproundtable @joepferguson Eeew. Surely this should be the other way around since Mastodon is the superior social network.

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