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1/4 Posted in the PHPRoundtable Discord that we are working on a Roundtable this month and would like to discuss User Groups. We are going to discuss the current state of UGs.

just discovered that you can run
composer update _package_
with a dependency that is not directly referenced in your composer.json file

is sooooo bloody good

Hang out with the PHP community on Discord, IRC, or Matrix.

PHP Core Roundup #2

In this second one in the series, we have news about the upcoming PHP 8.2 release, some new RFCs accepted, voted, and being discussed, and some further improvements to PHP made in the past few weeks.

PHP Annotated – May 2022

Welcome to the May installment of PHP Annotated, where we catch up on the most interesting things that have happened in the PHP world over the last month,including curated news, articles, tools, and videos.

Years ago I demoted PHP in my reckoning because I was learning the #Clojure way. But it's past time I gave PHP a fair shake since a big chunk of my work depends on WordPress. What are some recommendations for learning resources or books about #PHP?

I really like what @Crell wrote here:

espcially like the Error marker suggestion that would be handled by ?? and ?->

can we hope an RFC for something like that and/or a ?

Ooh, #WordPress 6.0 is out. Tons of new stuff for managing blocks and styles, lots of writing improvements like selecting multiple paragraphs of text and typing [ [ to get a list of recent posts and pages, you can lock blocks, more template options, and lots of accessibility improvements. Nom nom.

WordPress 6 announcement:

WordPress 6 accessibility improvements:

asking for a friend, anyone has experience with publishing nightly builds of a project via ?

Is this something which could be done via tags, or rather via branches?

Are there any use cases for modifying properties on tidyNode in ?

There's a PR for PHP 8.2 that makes them read-only. There's no point in modifying the properties, so I don't think this BC break will affect anyone, but if it affects you, speak up.

Please welcome #wallabag 2.5.0 🚀🔥🦘

We dropped #php 7.4, baggy theme is deprecated and so much new features. The changelog is huge, you can read it here:

Thanks to all contributors ❤️

PHP popularity and interest based on google searches - I know it does not show much but the swift increase in recent times are a good indication that PHP is not dying and it is all there standing with its popularity..


#php #programming

🆕 We have selected the new release managers for PHP 8.2!

➡️ (Pierrick Charron)
➡️ @sergey (Sergey Panteleev)

👴 The mentor (grandpa ;-)) RM is @ramsey (Ben Ramsey).

🥳 Congrats, and good luck!

For , I set up some new chat channels to replace the defunct one on Freenode IRC. The channels are bridged between Libera IRC, Matrix, and Discord, so join whichever you prefer.

Find the links under the "Join us on..." menu item here:

I'm not taking over the project by any means. This is my way of encouraging others to take up the torch and make it thrive. 🙂

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