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is here someone that speaks fluently "gutenberg"? I need help porting a WordPress featured-image meta-box extension to the new "block editor": #followerpower

I wrote up the API I'm thinking about for my #ActivityPub #PHP library! If you're interested in building federated PHP applications, I'd really appreciate if you check it out:

I opened an issue where people can give feedback and discuss the API so that we can make sure it will meet the needs of Fediverse developers. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contribute to the discussion:

Oh, PHP. Some days you're just magical.

I hate that about you.

Do you learn better by watching videos of programmers? Want to learn how to test your PHP code? Want to keep the videos forever afterwards? My course will help

@andrioid "Default" is the value if you don't explicitly set it in your php.ini file. "Development" and "Production" are the values the PHP team recommends for those environments. See also

Anyone know a good library for validating HTTP signatures in PHP? I was looking at, but it looks like it doesn't support RSA signatures yet...

I ❤️ . The world needs more people like him. :) The PHP community needs more people like him.

margaret ⚠️🌎🔥 staples on Twitter:

Who are the community organizers in the tech space that impress you?

All answers welcome, but definitely hoping to learn about organizing by and for under represented humans.

Please, boost for reach?

We’re learning about Vue.js at Nashville PHP tonight!

Thanks for speaking, @matthewtrask, and thanks to all who came out and enjoyed some Hattie B’s with us.

We had a great crowd because the topic wasn’t about PHP. 😂

My eventual goal with pixelfed federation is to abstract the logic to a package that other laravel/symfony apps can use. #php #activityPub

I'm doing a #security-related hackathon at #phpworld. Would love to give away a few prizes.

Want to help? DM me suggestions.

Want to contribute? Leave a note. Will use 100% of funds for prizes.

So, I'm 2 episodes away from being all caught up on my podcasts binge.

Whew! Recs for what to listen to next? I have a lotta laundry to do... LOL

It's Tuesday morning. Who's got two thumbs, didn't sleep at all last night, and is about to roll PHP 7.1.22 ?


There’s a cool site that’s helping you find people to follow on the . If you toot about , consider requesting to add yourself to this list:

And find people to follow, based on topic, here:

Start saving your loonies and toonies
for GrumpyConf 2019. 4 speakers TBD. CDN$900+HST for ticket that includes 3 nights Thur-Fri-Sat at the hotel. CDN$475+HST to just attend. Lunch and dinner Fri-Sat. March 22-23 2019. Elm Hurst Inn, Ingersoll, Ontario

I have 10+ years of development, helped bring UG to life in São Paulo, Brazil.

I believe in as a philosophy and in the as a vehicle to improve democracy. We can make the world a better place, one commit at a time.

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